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One way to determine whether your house has been infested by the rodents is to check for the signs. If you have noticed some abnormal changes around your house, you must immediately take the help of the professional rodent removal service company to avoid the damages that could be caused by these animals. So, what are the signs of the rodent problem in your house? Check out here…


The droppings are the key that rodents are living in your house. The animal feces aren’t just frustrating, but also they could cause some health issues. If you find droppings in and around your house, be sure to handle them appropriately.

So, you are not sure where to check for the droppings? Check the following places as your first step:

  • Drawers
  • Cupboards
  • Cardboard boxes

Remember, droppings are usually found near to the nesting and breeding locations of the rodents.

Bad Odors:

The bad odors coming from various pockets of the house could be a warning sign for the presence of rodents in the house. Trying to understand these odors would tell you something about the type of rodent that is present. To get more help, watch out your pets’ reaction. They would act strangely and would gear up on identifying the odor.


If you are hearing some weird sounds, especially during nights, then there should be a rodent problem. The rodents would usually tap in the walls or scurry feet across the ceilings. Some rodents would even make heavier noises than these. And, some of them would move all around your home.


If you could see the scratches or gnawing marks on your outdoor furniture and deck railings, then you must think about it. In this, remember, the larger the marks, the larger must be the rodent. Also, if you could see your electrical cables chewed through, then you must perform a thorough inspection in your home.

For further information about our Rodent Removal Services in Orlando, feel free to contact us at (407) 499-8852.

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