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Rat Removal

Practical Rat Trapping Miami Beach FL Tips

By April 14, 2017No Comments

Rat trapping Miami Beach FL is a task that you can carry out yourself at home. You could also opt to make use of rat trapping services in the area. The latter is a foolproof way of getting rid of rodents in your house. Experts assure you of long term solutions. However, if you still would like to do it yourself, there are some tips that you ought to consider:

How to Catch a Smart Rat

Rats often appear smart because of their ability to avoid capture. However, you can be smarter. Instead of just placing a rat trap anywhere in the house hoping to catch the rodents, ensure that the traps are laid in the area of most activity. Where do you hear scratching often? You can also use rat droppings and urine as indicators of where the rats may be hiding.

Most Effective Rat Trapping Miami Beach FL

Rat trapping Miami Beach FL also requires you to choose the correct trap. Glue traps are inhumane and not a good idea. However, if you only plan to trap the rodent without killing it, the best to use is a live trap. This one allows you to capture the rodent, set it free somewhere far from your house and carrying on with your life. A live trap can be reset until all the rats are out of your home.

Best Rat Trap Bait

In order for you to effectively carry out rat trapping Miami Beach FL, you must have some bait. The movies convince people that rats like cheese, which is a lie. They can eat cheese but it is not their favorite food. Instead of buying cheese, use what is in the house. The dry and pet food in the house is probably what the rat has been surviving on. Therefore, it will place you in a better position to catch the rat. Peanut butter is one of the most common baits used with rats. Unfortunately, it can be very messy to deal with plus it dries out pretty fast.

Rat Removal in Miami Beach FL

If your trap does not catch a rat on the first day, do not give up hope. Lay more traps around the same area and in different parts of your home. This is necessary for rat trapping Miami Beach FL as it helps increase your chances of capturing a rat and doing it sooner than you thought possible. Keep checking at your trap. If it catches a rat, get rid of that one and reset that trap just in case they are many. Continue with this process until there is no sign of a rat in your house.

Before you embark on any rat trapping in your home, you need to block off all entrances and exits that are about half an inch or more in size. This ensures that the rats do not make a break for it. It also helps to protect your home against future infestations since the rats cannot access your home anymore.  To make this even more effective, ensure that your pipes are also closely guarded.

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