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Professional Coyote Trapping in Lake Worth Beach, FLCoyote populations can be found all across North America, including communities like Lake Worth Beach, Florida. You might even find them in urban areas searching for food and shelter for their young. If you spot a coyote, you must keep your distance.

Coyotes might see other animals as prey so they can be dangerous to household pets or small animals like dogs or cats. When you let your dog outside in your yard, you should always be cautious of coyotes.

If you notice that coyotes are coming into your yard or on your property, you should contact wildlife control services. Coyote trapping companies like Nuisance Wildlife Control can remove and relocate coyotes without harming the animals. This will keep you and your family safe while protecting the local ecosystem.

Why Do Coyotes Come Onto Human Property?

Coyotes often come into yards because there are ample food sources in these areas. For example, they might be attracted to your garbage cans if you have recently discarded meat. Additionally, some coyotes will snack on pet food that is left outside.

Unfortunately, coyotes are also attracted to small household pets. They might see them as easy prey, especially if you tend to leave them outside on their own. All of these factors make urban areas and backyards an oasis for coyotes.

If you believe coyotes are frequenting your property, you should contact Lake Worth Wildlife Control or an animal removal service. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are here to help you with all of your coyote removal needs.

How to Tell if Coyotes Frequent Your Yard

While coyotes are not strictly nocturnal, they tend to be more active at night. This means you might not easily notice if coyotes are coming onto your property. Thankfully, there are some signs to look out for if you are concerned about coyotes.

Signs that coyotes are frequenting your yard include:

Identifying Tracks

Coyote tracks are very easy to spot, especially if rain has created muddy conditions that allow for prints. If you see prints that are similar to a dog’s but a tiny bit longer, they might be coyote tracks.

The easiest way to distinguish coyote tracks from dogs is by looking at the nail prints. Coyotes only have nails on their front paws. Additionally, they tend to walk in longer strides and straight lines.


If coyotes are in your yard, you might hear them making noise. They tend to make howling and yipping noises to signal to their coyote friends. If they are defending a food source, they might make a sound similar to a dog’s bark.


Another sign of coyotes in your yard is finding scat. Unlike dogs, coyotes do not usually eat store-bought food. This means coyote scat will be filled with hair and bones from their prey. Additionally, their excrement tends to be rope-shaped.

Dead Animals

Coyotes might not always eat an entire animal. Once they are full, they will leave the rest of the animals behind. If you notice dead animals popping up in your backyard, that is a clear sign that coyotes have been spending time on your property.

Thankfully, companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can help you with dead animal removal. Since dead animals can carry germs and diseases, you should never attempt to remove them yourself.

Why Should You Contact a Professional Coyote Trapping Service in Lake Worth Beach?

Coyotes can be dangerous to humans and pets. If you spot coyotes in your yard, you should never attempt to remove them yourself. Approaching them could result in you getting bitten.

Coyotes can carry diseases like rabies, parvovirus, heartworms, and distemper. A coyote bite could either severely injure you or result in you becoming ill.

Instead, you should contact a coyote control company like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. We will use live traps to contain the coyote before removing them from your property. Instead of harming the animals, we will relocate them somewhere far away from your home.

Coyote removal services in Lake Worth Beach are humane, ethical, and worth every penny. Choosing to use a professional will ensure you, your children, and your household pets remain safe from coyotes.

How to Prevent Coyotes From Returning to Your Yard

Lake Worth animal removal experts will offer tips on how to prevent coyotes from returning to your yard. There are many things you can do, including ensuring there is no food source left outside to attract them.

Tips on preventing coyotes from returning to your property include:

  • Removing any yard debris and trimming vegetation
  • Cleaning up trash and keeping garbage cans secured
  • Install fences 7 feet or taller to ensure they cannot jump over
  • Using loud noises to your advantage
  • Trying coyote repellent (i.e. moth balls, ammonia, vinegar, and pepper)
  • Contacting a professional wildlife removal company at the first sign of coyotes

Sometimes coyote removal takes several visits from animal control or wildlife removal in Lake Worth. At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we offer full-service trapping and removal tactics. Not only will we ensure all of the coyotes are removed, but we will also help you prevent them from returning.

Get Connected to Coyote Trapping Near You

Coyotes often come into the yards of homeowners in Lake Worth, FL. If you notice coyotes on your property, you should call a Lake Worth animal removal company like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. We will remove coyotes from your property using a humane and ethical live-trapping technique.

At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we provide a wide array of animal removal services. Whether you need bird control, rat removal, or coyote trapping, we have got your back. Additionally, we will eliminate your animal issues without harming any of them in the process.

Do you have nuisance wildlife animals that have invaded your property? If so, you need nuisance wildlife control, which should be provided by experts. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is one of the largest, privately owned companies, in Florida, which offers professional wildlife and animal removal. 

Contact us today for more information on coyote trapping in Lake Worth Beach, FL.

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