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Professional Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services to Keep Your Home Habitable

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Nuisance Animals Definition

Many of the wild animals that are known to human beings mind their own affairs and are not known to conflict with human beings not unless when provoked. As a matter of fact, many people do enjoy spending time in the company of some of these wild animals and their interactions are known to be very cordial. But even with the existence of these cordial relationships with these wild animals, there is a huge disparity when it comes to some wild animals that we refer to as nuisance wildlife.

Nuisance wildlife refers to wild animals that are likely to cause untold damage to property, and in most cases are perceived to be a threat to human safety or health. They may also be persistent in their behavior of intruding in peoples’ property and thus are termed as an annoyance to the peace of the people. A good example of this is a raccoon living in your attic or a peacock that decides to cause damage to your car by fighting its own reflection on the car’s body.

Therefore in simple terms, we could call out nuisance wildlife as wild animals that are not perceived to be friendly by human beings because of their likelihood of spreading diseases and causing damage to property while at the same time working to disrupt the comfort of the human beings into whose property they invade into.

Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

Nuisance wildlife control services are services that are offered by professional companies and firms that are licensed to control and manage wildlife in strict accordance with the regulations of a particular area of jurisdiction that they operate in. The regulations that govern the operations of the firm are normally formulated by the state and wildlife agencies in a way that they ensure the safety of the animals and human beings while they are being handled by staff members of the firm.

Wildlife control services strive on their part to provide the client and the wildlife with the safest and most effective management techniques by applying the most ecologically sound and integrated control techniques when resolving human and animal conflicts.

A good wildlife control service firm ensures that it works hand in hand with property management companies and municipalities to provide the most cost effective, long term solutions to the disruption of peace that may be caused by these wildlife animals.

In the practice of nuisance wildlife control, the following methods are put to use to achieve the best results;

  • Exclusion; this refers to the practice of physically excluding a nuisance animal from the area of invasion that it has pitched camp and relocating it to another one.
  • Habitat modification; this is the act of making changes to the most preferred habitat of an animal by either depriving it of some necessities or blocking the access to that area and as thus the animal is left with no other choice than to shift to another habitat.
  • Use of repellants; The use of chemical repellants that alter the behavior of an animal or ensure that it puts an end to its life is a method of ensuring that the method of animal control method is effective as the animal may have to shift location in order to avoid any further changes or effects experienced from coming into contact with the repellant.
  • Glue traps and boards; glue traps and boards are most effective in the control of small animals such as snakes and rats by sticking them to a glue and thus preventing them from accessing food and thus they may die of hunger or can be rescued and relocated to another area.
  • Live trapping; live trapping refers to the use if cages and such like traps which catch the animal alive and provide a chance for the animal to be relocated to another area. They are most effective in the control of the population of wildlife.
  • Frightening devices; this method of wildlife control involves the use of man devices that deter particular nuisance animals from accessing a certain area. It can involve the use of scarecrows, bird deterrents, and hawk kites. It is most effective in the control of nuisance birds.

The use of these animal control methods, however, needs to be done with a keen consideration for the safety of the animal and even more consideration for the safety of the person doing the animal control task.  Use of protective gear needs to be prioritized to guard against any injuries that may occur in the execution of the task. The chemicals and devices to be used also need to have met the required health standards on both the part of the human wild animal. Last but not least, in order to ensure a proficient service and the compliance of the governing law, it is best to have a professional company or firm handle the task of wildlife control for you.

Get Rid of Nuisance Wildlife 

Nuisance wildlife removal services entail the process of separation of nuisance wildlife from the locality occupied by the complainant human being in order to minimize human animal conflict.

The common call of all animal wildlife animal removal service firms is the humane animal removal and application of environmentally responsible techniques for handling any nuisance animal problems. The use of innovative and integrated methods that provide ecologically sound animal removal services for businesses, municipalities and home owners has never ceased to be emphasized in the animal removal practice.

Any good and reputable animal removal firm like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provides both residential animal removal and commercial animal removal with the most excellent service. The main reason why animal removal services are increasingly being demanded is due to the problem of human population explosion, rapid urbanization due to the influx of people to urban areas and also increasing the number of wildlife all of which in the end lead to the invasion of our homes by nuisance animals.

However, animal removal can be a dangerous and very time-consuming activity if not carried out by a professional and as a measure of guarding against any harm and injuries, it is very much advisable for one to hire a professional company to handle the animal removal process for them.

Apart from just the live animal removal service, there is also the dead animal removal service which has helped many of the people who have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with the presence of a dead animal in their premises. Most times this situation comes about whenever one chose to use home remedies to animal control such as the use of baits and poisons. A dead animal is a big health risk and once identified a professional removal company needs to be called in to remove the animal before the situation escalates.

Nuisance Animals in Florida

Florida is a land that has been blessed with rich vegetation and as such most of the nuisance wildlife find it a conducive place to live in and many a time this lead to human and animal conflict whenever this nuisance wildlife intrudes into our homes and make us their hosts. Here in Florida, we have many nuisance animals that have been known to be a chaos and nightmare to the locals and here we shall take a look at the most common ones.

  1. Nuisance skunks

Here in Florida, one of the most stubborn nuisance animals that we are blessed to have is the skunks, white-tailed skunks will once in a while cause damaged to cultivated crops when in search of food or when it happens to have separated from its herd. This situation can, however, be remedied through the erection of an inexpensive electric fence for those with cultivated gardens.

  1. Nuisance rats

Another common nuisance animal that one can bump onto in Florida is a rat. Rats will be attracted to a neighborhood due to pet food, unsecured garbage, barbecue grills and other food items. A nuisance rats will always want to stick around in the expectation that more food handouts will come its way and thus causing terror during its stay. In certain instances, they may become aggressive and in such a state they can cause a lot of harm to the people and damage to the property around. As a deterrent against the nuisance rats, one needs to ensure good sanitation in their yard and in special cases where the rats invade and get aggressive one needs to maintain a safe distance from the animal while seeking help immediately.

  1. Nuisance raccoons

In Florida, a raccoon is regarded as being a nuisance and seems determined to pose a threat to the general welfare of the public, their pets, livestock, and property. In the case of a nuisance raccoons, only a licensed raccoon trapper can be allowed to capture or trap the animal. In this case please call on the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to execute the task of removing the raccoons from your compound for you.

Nuisance Wildlife Control License, Florida

Before you embark on the task of removing that nuisance wildlife from your house or yard, it is good that one be conversant with the legal framework that governs the handling of nuisance wildlife in Florida. This laws and regulations are geared towards ensuring the safety of human beings and animals alike. The following are some of the most common licenses that anyone who wishes to handle any nuisance animal.

  1. Gun/Light at Night Permit

This permit grants a land owner or the holder of the permit to take depredating wildlife such as foxes and beavers at night with a gun and light without them being charged for any of their actions so long as the gun and light have been used within their stipulated limits.

  1. Depredating Skunks Permit

This particular permit gives its holder the right to kill a skunk that is causing damage to crops where other less lethal means of control are either ineffective or not feasible in totality.

  1. Rats Depredating Permit

This permit allows its owner the authority to take out a black rat that is causing property damage where other less lethal means to stop the menace would be ineffective or not executable and there are no wildlife service officers to stop the damage or take hold of the rats.

  1. Python Removal Permit

Any person who wishes to transport or posses a live conditional reptile is required by law to apply and be approved to be the holder of a python removal permit.

  1. Steel Trap Permit

The holder of this permit is allowed by law to use padded jaw steel traps for the sole purpose of taking destructive foxes, bobcats, and beavers.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a nuisance animal control and removal firm based in Loxahatchee, Florida which has been in business for the past four years and during this period of operation it has earned itself a good reputation as being among the leading companies when it comes to the safe and efficient nuisance wildlife removal, control and handling.

The company specializes in the handling of various nuisance wildlife among them; raccoons, snakes, rodents, bats, moles, frogs, armadillos, hogs and many other wildlife animals that may cause havoc in your home.

Gone are the days when the problem of wildlife making ways to our homes reserved only for the rural areas, nowadays even urban areas face this problem and there is a need for proficient nuisance animal handling services. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers aims to be the answer to this problem by providing the best services at the most affordable rates in the market.

Contact our company on (877) 741-7703, (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109 or visit our offices at 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470 for the best services from the most qualified task handlers in the whole of Florida. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is sure to be the remedy to all the nuisance animal problems you may be facing.

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