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peacock removal


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Peacocks are beautiful birds without a doubt and their flawless feather pattern can be charming in most instances. But despite the fact that people love these birds, some people don’t like them and even those that still love them attest to the fact that the birds can be a nuisance if not checked against at times. The reason for this most of the time is because they can get agitated and easily cause a lot of destruction.

It is, for this reason, we as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have come up with a peacock removal service package that is meant to meet the needs of clients that may not be so much into the idea of having these birds make roams in their compounds and yards.

As we seek to explore this wide topic on peacock removal, it’s important that we look into some of the critical issues that make up the whole discussion on this crucial issue that Nuisance Wildlife Rangers seeks to remedy.

How to Scare Peacocks Away

Among the most widely and most frequently asked question is that of how to scare away peacocks. This is normally brought up by those people who really do not have a huge peacock problem but who once in a while come into contact with the nuisance bird. Here are some few tips that one can use and which are known to be effective to some extent when looking at peacock removal.

  1. Use of sprinklers; Peacocks like many other poultry, do not appreciate coming into contact with water and therefore as a way of keeping these pea fowls off your garden you can choose to employ the use of motion-activated sprinklers that spray water on these birds and thus chase them away from your garden, Should the sprinklers be too expensive to install, one may opt for a handy hose pipe and spray the birds with water whenever they appear although this is sure to be tiresome.
  2. Use of mesh wire for your flower garden; Peacocks are known to be attracted to white flowers and pollen grain droppings of particular plants and therefore as a way of dealing with them you can opt to fence your flower garden with mesh wire to keep the birds off your garden.
  3. Use of dogs; Peacocks are known to fear dogs as much as death and thus one may opt to own one of these pets as a deterrent against the birds should they want to invade your yard. In case one is not of the idea of owning one of these carnivores, one can also choose to purchase dog urine from vet stores and then sprinkle a little along the demarcations of your garden. The smell of it may work well to fool the peacocks into thinking that there exists a dog in that compound and thus their fear of them will keep them off your garden. This has proved to be one of the most effect peacock removal techniques available today. It is also advisable since no harm is done to the birds while employing this method.

How to Trap a Peacock

Many people have at times been faced with the scenario whereby your area does not really have a serious peacock problem and if it does the peacocks can easily be relocated to another area and so at the back of your mind is the question of how to trap these nuisance birds so that the necessary relocation procedure can be carried out. Actually when seeking to employ a peacock removal technique that involves trapping of peacocks, one need not go through a lot of trouble as the procedure for trapping a peacock is quite easy as we will see shortly. We at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advice on the following simple steps which ensure your safety and that of the bird at the same time as you aim to trap it. When one opts to trap a peacock, there are two main, methods that can be employed; the use of a fishnet or the use of cages.

  1. Use of a fish net

The use of a fish landing net is one of the most commonly employed methods when one chooses to trap a peacock and here we explain just how to do that safely. One needs to have a fish landing net that is big enough to fit the size of the peacock without causing it any physical harm. Most preferably the net should also have a metal handle but in no way should it happen to hit the bird each time that you try to trap it. One will need to lead the bird towards a barrier either a wall, cabin r anything of that sought but which must be high enough to ensure the bird does not make an escape. Ensured the bird and hold down the net once you have the bird inside it. You will then need to employ the use of your hands in order to pull the bird out of the net. This should be done with caution as the act of trapping the bird might have gotten it to be agitated. From there on one may choose what to do next with the bird.

  1. Use of a cage

This method may be a bit unconventional but is normally the most effective method of catching and trapping a peacock without much hustle. One will need to build a cage to some certain specifications which match the bird’s size more so if it has a long train. Then put some enticement for the bird such as leftover food or grains that will attract it towards the cage. Once inside lock up the cage and chose the next course of action for the bird. This method is the easiest though at times it may take a lot of time since you may need to physically entice the bird into the cage by chasing it towards it, something that can be quite tedious in the long run. But the good thing about this method is that no minimal damage is done to the bird more so to the feathers.

As a peacock removal technique, we at Nuisance Wildlife Ranges advice that trapping be done with a lot of caution and most preferably by a professional since peacocks can become agitated when they sense that they are going to be trapped and in the end may cause chaos that leads to injuries to both the bird and the person trapping it.

How to Keep Peacocks off My Porch

If you have ever had a peacock problem we all know that all too familiar but not so pleasing scenario where you walk to your house’s porch only to find a pride of peacocks making the most of their time lounging at your entrance. This is one thing that no one likes and among our advice for peacock removal techniques, we offer guidelines on how to keep these birds off your porch in some simple steps.

  1. Trim trees around your house

Peacocks love to climb to the top of trees and cause havoc there through their endless noise making and this, therefore, means that the more the trees in your compound, the higher the chance that peacocks could just come in and wreck havoc. To avoid or keep a check on these birds against coming off the trees into your porch, trim the branches of the trees around your house which will help to keep them at bay should the birds go up the trees and start roosting. Another way that one can also opt for in order to control this birds is to block the passage that they would use in accessing these trees. Remember it’s from trees that they then make their way to your porch.

  1. Ensure sanitation around your porch

Many of us pet owners tend to feed our pets outside the house and where else most preferably than the porch of the house. Well just in case you should know, pet food leftovers act as a welcome mat for peacocks as they like to stroll around looking for leftover foods and once they get it somewhere then they don’t hesitate from camping there in expectation of more. Therefore as a peacock removal technique, ensure that you clean up after your pets are done feeding.

Peacock Scarer

Another effective method of peacock removal is the use of peacock scarers that help to keep these birds at bay and thus ensure that they do not set foot in your compound. Peacock scarers refer to devices that one can use to scare away these birds and prevent their entry into once garden or home. The following is a list peacock scarers that we at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers recommend for use for effective peacock removal.

  1. Hawk kites; these are devices that are designed to look like predator birds, hawks and float on air. Peacocks are known to be scared of predatory birds and usually tend to keep away from the areas that they perceive to have their presence.
  2. Lasers; The light beams emitted by laser ray devices tend to scare away peacocks as the sharp contrast between the shade of light emitted by the laser object and the one the birds are used to tend to cause fear in it. This method is effective at night.
  3. Scarecrows; this is the most commonly used method of scaring away scarecrows and is known to work but for only a temporary period.

How to Keep Peacocks off Cars

Another very annoying trait of peacocks is their tendency to perch on cars and cause scratches to them. From our research here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have come to understand that peacocks tend to fight their own reflection that they see on cars assuming they are rival lovers intending to take over their territories. The tendency of the reflection not to fight back agitates them even more and that’s why they become so very angry and can cause a lot of damage to a car if not shooed off from it in good time.

One effective way of keeping peacocks off your car is by using a car cover. These can be purchased for cheap at any automobile store though some people may be against the idea. However, it is a good way of ensuring the peacock does not see its reflection on the car and thus it does not fight back.

Another method is that of ensuring that all parking areas are well sealed off using mesh wire to keep off these nuisance birds from accessing the cars and causing damage to the car bodies.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Peacocks

Another peacock removal technique advised by us at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is the act of getting rid of unwanted peacocks. We are well aware that there are people who love to keep the birds and as such deem it appropriate to have one or two in their compounds. But should it seem as if they are starting to cause chaos in the neighbourhood, then it is good to get rid of any other birds that may be unwanted.

This can be done easily through the trapping of the unwanted bird by a professional company like us after which we will know where to relocate it. Trapping and relocating of peacocks is best done by professionals in order not to cause harm to the birds.

Another method that can be employed is the use of scarers to keep off any other peacocks that may be attracted to your garden by the presence of peacocks in it. These scarers need to be positioned at strategic points of entry of these peacocks if they are to work properly.

The final peacock removal technique that can be used to get rid of unwanted peacocks is the ensuring of sanitation in and around your compound since these birds are attracted to our gardens due to leftovers on which they feed upon as food.

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