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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Control

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Raccoons belong to the large family of rodents which include among others; rats, mice, and moles. These animals are referred to as rodents due to their gnawing tendencies which see them nibble through materials in their search for food and also as a way of creating a path for themselves as they move in and out of our homes.  Raccoons are specifically regarded as pests due to their tendencies to dwell in human populations due to their dependency on them for survival. This brings about the need to have raccoon control services to help remedy the situation when needed.

A lot of people usually do not have a clue that raccoons have made a dwelling in their homes. Why is this so? Simple, raccoons tend to live in our attics and as we are all familiar, this ranks as one of those areas of our houses where the least attention is paid to. They, therefore, find it easy and somewhat safe to live in the attics and at times in chimneys in our homes. For you to decide on any raccoon control method, you will first and foremost need to gauge where in your house are they present in. This helps you go even further in investigating how many are they in number and how best you can get rid of them. The most susceptible areas like we have seen are the attics and chimneys, but there is no exclusion as to the areas that raccoons may choose to settle in when it comes to your home. You need to keep an eye on any marks that indicate some form of nibbling in your home. This will help you to gauge where the raccoons are in the house in case you do not spot them in the usual scenes of crime, which may be something that at times gives you the false comfort that raccoons are not present in your home.

Raccoon control can be said to be successful to a certain degree, but not entirely possible. This is because raccoons will always want to come to your property so long as there is something that is attracting them. Raccoons are not a problem in most cases unless they are causing a certain form nuisance such as knocking down garbage cans, scaring the hell out of your kids and pets or, in certain instances they are pooping in your pool and thus posing a threat to your health and that of others in your homestead. This is when raccoons can be classified as a problem, but otherwise, they can just be spending time on your porch or garden without causing any problems for anyone. At the end of the day, they too can be useful in the control of small pests and insects that are causing a different type of nuisance.  But the thought of having to get rid of raccoons completely is one that has been dominated in many homeowners’ minds and thus we are always looking for ways to get rid of the raccoons the most effective way possible. Next, we look at the control of raccoon attractors and how it can be helpful in

the control of raccoons.


The main attractor for raccoons is food and water on your property. The prospect of getting these two in an easy way makes the raccoons try all the more to make a permanent stay in your home. This simply means that if we can control these two factors, then we can have an upper hand when it comes to controlling raccoons on our property. Raccoons feed on the leftovers that we keep in our garbage cans. Our garbage cans there need to be emptied as frequently as possible in order to deny them a source of food. If period emptying of the garbage can is not possible due to the garbage collection procedures in your area, you can try to find a garbage can that is sealable at the top. The seal should be tight enough not to be knocked off by raccoons in their attempts to access the contents of the garbage can. The garbage can should also have no leaks or holes on the underside. This helps to ensure that raccoons do not squeeze through the openings into the garbage cans and thus find food that they can feed on.

Our endeavors in raccoon control would be futile if we do not take time to access the effect of pet food in escalating the raccoon problem in our homes. Pet food if not taken care of and left to stay in our gardens and porches attracts raccoons to your property. This means that we need to monitor the feeding habits of our pets and immediately they have been fed, the leftovers need to be taken care of and disposed of in the most appropriate way. Birdseeds also contribute to the raccoon problem and thus should also fall among our objects of scrutiny. This may pose a challenge since birds have to be fed by spreading the seeds out. But it is not entirely impossible to have a check on this, we can be keeping a close eye on the birds as they feed and immediately they are done the bird seeds can be swept and the compound left with no food that raccoons may choose to feed on. I can already read your mind and how you are thinking to yourself this is tiresome. Yes, sure it is but its results, in the end, are something to be more than proud of.

Raccoon control is possible with the implementation of the methods that have been suggested here. These methods will help you keep a check on the raccoon population and eventually help you to get rid of them on your property which is key to marinating the beauty of your garden.  Patience is key, however, as you will need to do this over a period of time before you can notice any significant change to the raccoon problem in your home or garden.


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