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Rat Removal

Rat Extermination Miami FL To Get Rid of Rats

By April 11, 2017No Comments

Being a generally warm area, Florida is a friendly place for rat infestation as they try to get inside homes to keep cool and feed. This then means that if you are looking for a rat removal service, you are not alone and should, therefore, rest easy knowing that abundant solutions are available. We shall walk you through a number of factors you need to think of as you form the perfect rat extermination Miami FL plan.

Mouse Exterminator

For the most part, people are not sure whether they have a rat infestation or if the rodents they have inside their homes are actually mice. It may appear hard to determine and even unimportant but let me assure you that it is important to know which rodent is in your house, as it determines the methods of getting rid of it.

The main distinguishing factors between rats and mice are, first of all, their size. Much as both rodents are fairly small, rats have a larger and longer body than mice. Rats also produce larger droppings than mice do. Once you determine what you are dealing with, you will know whether to look for a rat extermination company or a mouse exterminator.

Ways of Avoiding Rats

As mentioned above, rats typically come into homes to either feed, breed or for shelter. What keeps them in your home though is the availability of food. The first step would, therefore, be to ensure that they have no entry points through which to crawl in. The most effective way of avoiding rats from staying in if/ or when they get in is to make sure there is no food available for them. Avoid clutter in the home where they can hide in and breed. Have open spaces as much as possible, with air running freely through. Open spaces also make it easy to spot the first rat that comes in making it easy to avoid an infestation and get rid of the one inside.

Rat Extermination Miami FL

Rat extermination Miami FL majorly involves the use of pest control companies. This is because most rat extermination companies do not just deal with rat removal, but also take care of such pests as mice and raccoons. Some of these pests have some similar methods of removal and this is why such companies blanket their services. You, however, have a better chance of perfect results if you use a company that has a team specialized for rat removal as they will know best how to handle the situation. Such experience dictates that they will know how to determine the type of rat you have and thus how best to deal with it.

Miami Animal Removal

If you are an animal lover and do not like the idea of killing these rats, do not worry, there are friendly methods of rat removal. Instead of looking for a rat extermination company, search for animal removal companies. These companies specialize in such and will, therefore, get rid of your rat infestation without necessarily killing them. They have methods of trapping them alive without hurting them and getting them out of your home safely.

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