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Rat Removal

Why Have Rat Exterminators Miami FL Become so Popular

By April 11, 2017No Comments

Rats can be quite troublesome. With a multiplication rate of about 2000 pups per couple of rats, you can be certain that if you do not control rats in your home, they will take over.  Before looking at the options of rat exterminators Miami available, let’s look at a few facts that you need to consider in this endeavor.

Types of Rats Miami

Florida mainly features three types of rats. For starters is the roof rat which is the most common type of rat in Miami. It does not feed on meat unless seriously starved meaning you can identify it by the type of food it seems attracted to. As the name suggests, the roof rat loves to stay in attics or spaces close to the roof.  They are mainly black or dark brown with smaller bodies than their Norway counterparts.

The Norway rat follows close which I consider the easiest rat to control as it is mainly an outdoor rat that only comes in searching for food, and therefore only stays if it finds a good food source. This one is a much larger rat than the roof rat and has a rougher scaled cover.

The wood rat is the last variety, coming at almost the same size as the Norway rat but with as smooth an exterior as the roof rat.

Rat Exterminators Miami FL

Once you know the kind of rat you have, it will be easier to find a good rat exterminator in Miami FL. More so, it will be easier for the rat exterminator company to find effective ways of getting rid of the rats since some of these breeds do not give in to methods used to exterminate other breeds.

The most obvious method of rat control is keeping clean. All rodents respond to one thing; dirt. Left –overs left on surfaces, under furniture, or even having trash inside the house practically screams, “welcome home rodents!” The first thing to do to control a rat infestation is cleaning up. Leave nothing for them to feed on, little to scurry for and they may start dying out. Of course, this is not a quick rat extermination method as it only eliminates the chance of more coming into your home.

Getting Rid of Rats

Most rat exterminators Miami FL go for baiting and trapping as the most effective way of getting rid of them once and for all. For those who have children in the house or pets, trapping would be best especially if the traps are placed in spots that only the rats can reach. This involves the use of the different types of rat traps available on the current market. Trapping also allows you the advantage of finding the dead rats before they start stinking up your house.

Baiting is the other method that rat exterminators Miami FL choose to use. As mentioned above, this method is most appropriate for situations where there are no children or pets in the house. There is a variety of options in the market for baiting including Nectus Soft bait by JT Eaton which is top rated for the fact that it does not take long to kill, can stay a long time without drying out and can thus be used to kill even the most careful of rats.


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