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Are you encountering rats at your premises? Well and then, you need to find a good way to remove them as early as possible. But, is it a good idea to use rat poison? My answer would be a “no” for this! Many of you would not agree with me. But, our expert team at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has come up with a list of reasons to make you understand why rat poison is a bad idea. Just read on…

Poison is not always effective:

This statement may sound weird. But, you must understand that your rat poison can’t kill all the rats. When it comes to rat removal or control, you must always go for 100% eradication. If you are okay with just killing a few and leaving the rest, then you will be in trouble all the life. And remember, rats are quickly reproducing species and hence, by the time, some rats are killed by the poison, more new ones would have come.

Poison is slow:

Yes, I agree that you would have selected the rat poison since you think that it’s a quick way to eradicate the rats. But, it’s not so and the process of rat removal from your home is not as easy as you think. The only way to solve the problem completely is to have a professional team inspect your home and determine how the rats came in. Then, you must carry out the exclusion repairs to keep out the rats forever.

Poison is only a temporary solution:

As I mentioned above, rat poison cannot be a permanent solution for the rat control in your home. Keep this in mind while selecting your rat exterminator too. The companies that use rat poison for extermination would not be a genuine one. They want you to sign up a continuing contract with you and bill you all your life. So, be vigilant while selecting your rat exterminator company.

For more information or queries regarding rat removal in Orlando, feel free to reach us at 877-741-7703.

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