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Rat in a home is not a let-go thing! You must act immediately to get rid of rats at your home. These rats, if left as such would bring various diseases to the occupants and could even cause damage to your property. As a leading rat trapping company in Orlando, we bring in the following ways to get rid of rats from your home. Read it here…

Understand the Warning Signs:

If you are not sure whether your home is really affected, just watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Droppings
  • Evidence of gnawing
  • Rat tracks
  • Scurrying sounds
  • Squeaking in walls
  • Musky scent
  • Burrows
  • Dead rats

Prevention and Maintenance:

Prevention is equally important as the rat treatment. In this line, we would advise you to check for the holes in the interiors and exteriors of your building and seal them up. This would limit the access of rats to your home.

The most problematic rat types are the roof rats and Norway rats. These are very good climbers and hence, they can easily find their ways to enter the building. Keep them out by making sure that there are no tree branches extending to your roof. You can even consider using tree guards.

Remember, when the rats cannot climb up to the roof, they might try to tunnel beneath it. We would advise you to restrict this access by laying a patio or by using a row of paving stones. Also, you are recommended to keep a wider, mowed zone around the home. This is because rats won’t like covering larger open space with no place to hide.

Finally, proper food storage is important to keep the rats away from your home. Make use of airtight containers and heavier garbage receptacles and also make sure that the foods are kept in places that are not easy for a rat to enter.

Catching and Killing the Rats:

Remember, there are lethal, as well as non-lethal ways to catch or kill the rats. Choosing the right way to get rid of the rats would depend on various factors or type of rats and types of traps or baits that can be used as per government regulations. This is why we would advise getting the help of a professional company to determine the effective way of getting rid of rats from your home. We, at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, are available 24/7 to answer your phone calls. Just give a call at (407) 499-8852.

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