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Commensal rodents are the ones that want to live with you in your houses. They would fit into any openings as small as an inch. In the United States, we can find three types of rodents, which are namely,

  • Norway rat
  • Roof rat
  • House mouse

So, the first step in rodent trapping would involve determining the type of rodent you encounter. However, it’s pretty easy. You can say the type of rodent you have by just looking at the size of it. The smallest ones will be your house mouse, second-largest will be your roof rats, and the biggest will be the Norway rats. In this, remember that your house mice will be easily mixed up and hence, you need to identify them by looking at their droppings, tail size, as well as their eating habits. If you feel it difficult to identify the type of rodent in your house, get the help of the professional rodent trapping services in your area.

As a next step, you need to select the best rodent strategy to get rid of them from your house. The most effective strategies to trap rodents are baiting and trapping. Remember, in this, you have to pick baiting if you suspect a large rodent population. See how to do this here:

Baiting Method:

While setting out this strategy, you must try not to disrupt the rodent habitat. This would help you to have them eat the poison by sitting in that area and not anywhere else. After preparing the baits, you must carry out the food source removal and other sanitation processes. This is for preventing more rodents from entering your dwelling area. The baits should be able to knock down their population very rapidly. Next is your method of trapping for the remaining ones.

Trapping Method:

To determine the size of the trap, you must first identify the size of the rodents. When setting them out, be sure to set them in large numbers than required. In this, remember to place them at one or two feet apart for mice parts and ten to fifteen feet apart for rat traps. Don’t forget them after setting; be sure to check for the trapped rats or mice every day.

We would suggest you not to just put the traps and hope that it would successfully eliminate your rodent problems completely. There can be some hiding ones. This is why professional help is of utmost importance. If you feel the rodent trapping strategies that you used are not effective, feel free to contact us at (877) 560-1526.

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