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Snake Removal

Snake removal

By April 6, 2017No Comments

Snakes can be poisonous and post serious threat. They can hurt you, your children, pets or anyone else. They can enter your home without your knowledge and pose many other serious health risks other than the obvious threat of a snake bite.

How to get rid of snakes in the house?

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it yourself as professional snake removal services are available at reasonable rates. Below are some of the snake removal services provided by professionals.

Physical snake removal:

The most obvious snake removal technique is to physically remove them from the facility. This is the technique that professionals specialize in. If there is a snake on your property, professionals will come and remove it. They might catch it by hand or use a tool like a snake tong or a snake hook. Professionals take them away from your property and relocate them far away. This technique is helpful in case of known snake on a property.

Snake trapping:

Trapping snake is another option for snake removal. Professionals can bring specially designed traps on your property to catch the snakes. Trapping is a great way when you have just seen a snake a few times, but it never stays around for long to be physically removed.

Snake repellent

Many different types of snake repellents are available in the market, but they are not really effective. On some stores sell predator urine like fox or coyote urine to help you get rid of snakes, but it doesn’t keep snakes away. Some stores sell ultrasonic sound emitters, that claim to deter all animals, but they don’t work for snake removal. Other techniques like mothballs, rags soaked in ammonia or human hair also don’t work.

Snake prevention:

There are many snake prevention techniques. The simplest and possibly the best, is home modification. The snakes are in your facility because something is attracting them towards your home. The most common attractions include cover and foliage. If your home has a lot of debris and thick plantation, it will attract snakes. Snakes love to hide under things like sheds, woodpiles and large rocks. By eliminating the clutter, trimming weeds and sealing all gaps that snakes are expected to use for shelter, you are more likely to keep them away. Installation of underground fence is another effective way to keep snakes away from your property.

If you have a snake in your home, it must be removed physically. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, LLC provide snake removal services. We can remove the snake physically or set traps to catch it. Also, when snakes are a very common problem in a property, we also provide exclusion repair. We find out how the snake got into your home and seal all the entry points. Remember, snakes can crawl, swim and climb, so it is essential to seal the entire home. This also proves helpful in keeping other critters like chipmunks, rats and mice out. For free inspection, give us a call now.

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