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Snake removal pine island fl for snake facts, their behaviors, and removal services

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Honestly, snakes might be the most feared animals on the planet well due to the fact that they bite to a point of death. The world has over 2,000 species of snakes most of which are venomous. It is the venomous snakes that we need to avoid because of the fatalities they can cause. That is enough reason as to why people have instinctual fear of these animals originating all the way back to more than thousands of years ago. In as much as many of us do not have a clue on which snakes are harmful or not, the survival instincts in us just makes us steer clear of snakes. This is mostly because of what we have gathered about snakes all these years especially the fact that snakes do bite. Snake removal Pine Island Fl points out the importance of finding out more about snakes so that you can be aware of what they can do and not do. Of course it can’t be thrilling when you have an encounter with a snake. It can be quite shocking. Many people panic at such encounters which is quite understandable. Despite the fact that snake’s reputation is not that good, they are not aggressive at all to humans and it is said they only turn to biting as a last resort.  However, this does not mean we should entertain them because a wild animal will never be friendly to a human being, there is no way!


Well, first things first. Non-venomous snakes do not bite without a reason as noted by snake removal Pine Island Fl. This snake will bite you if it feels you somehow smell like food, if you are handling an animal that is warm-blooded, or if the snake happens to feel like you are trying to harm it. These are the three possible reasons that a non-venomous snake can indeed bite you. If a snake feels cornered, it will definitely attack you. It is better to leave a snake alone once you spot it. Let it go its way. Trust me you don’t want any trouble with snakes. The good thing about non-venomous snakes is they are extremely safe to handle. Many of them can be handled without fear of getting bitten. This kind of snakes shows fear once they are frightened. They tend to defecate on you as a sign of fear. Anytime a snake defecates on you, ensure you wash that area completely using hot water and soap so that you don’t catch the salmonella bacteria found in snake’s feces.

How to overcome the fear of snakes

We are all afraid of snakes. I cannot think of one person that I know who is not afraid of snakes. But have you ever asked yourself why we are afraid of snakes? It may be because of lack of information and knowledge about snakes and also social conditioning. Why not learn more about these creatures so as to minimize the fear. Remember the more you know about something the more you overcome its fear. It will take time before you get rid of this fear that is why you need to get in touch with snake removal Pine Island Fl professionals for guidance and more information regarding snakes. Fear should be faced so as to overcome it. Though snakes are fascinating creatures, caution should be taken when handling them.

As mentioned earlier, the number of snakes that we have is unlimited and their appearance and body size so different too. It may be quite challenging to determine whether a snake is poisonous or not especially if you know nothing about these creatures. You may need to contact snake removal Pine Island Fl for help when it comes to identifying snakes.  However, a wild snake should never be compared to a pet snake.  Be cautious around snakes and learn to back away very slowly once you spot them. Interestingly, it is said that snakes avoid conflict and always look for a chance to just flee. In case you get bitten learn to stay calm to avoid the venom from being absorbed faster and spreading. If you do not stay calm the snake might end up giving you repeated bites. Though snakes are known to move by slithering, there are those that can actually fly. You need to be very careful lest you encounter such so as to avoid being attacked. Snakes are present in different parts throughout the world. It is only in the Arctic region that snakes are not found. Snakes are adaptable creatures; they can live anywhere. You will find them in the forest, lakes, deserts, mountains, homes, savannas, etc. Snakes found in cool areas hibernate during winter where they literally shut down and eventually come to life again during spring. How interesting!


Love them or hate them snakes are here to stay. Learn to stay away from snakes at all costs. Let professionals handle them for you at any given time. It is no doubt that snakes are viewed as dangerous that is why when spotted the thought of killing it instantly goes through our minds. Nonetheless, there is a good side of snakes. They do actually get rid of rats which are troublesome to many homeowners. Interestingly, snake’s venom is a treatment to a number of diseases including cancer. In recent studies, there has been an innovation where a pain relief cream has been made out of snake’s venom and normally treats arthritic pain. All in all, what is important to note about snakes as told by snake removal Pine Island Fl is being able to clearly identify a snake for this can in ways you cannot imagine saving your life. As we have learned, not every snake is poisonous but understand that it is better to avoid snakes because once bitten you will definitely endure permanent effects or even suffer fatalities from snake bites. Snakes are normally active during warm weather hence you need to stay alert in case you bump into one.

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