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Professional Armadillo Trapping Services in Lake Worth BeachLake Worth, FL is home to tons of different animals, from iguanas and alligators to bobcats and even panthers. Another common animal found in this area of Florida is the armadillo.

Armadillos eat small reptiles, amphibians, and fruits or vegetables. Since they like to live near bodies of water where they can find food, Florida is the ideal home for armadillos. You might also find armadillos on your property searching for something to snack on.

Even though armadillos are interesting creatures, they can be dangerous to humans and pets. If you find an armadillo on your property, avoid coming in contact with them. They can carry diseases like leprosy, which can be incredibly harmful to humans.

Instead of confronting an armadillo yourself, consider contacting a Lake Worth Beach armadillo trapping company. Companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can remove armadillos from your property humanely, keeping you, your family, and the armadillo safe in the process.

Why Do Armadillos Come Onto Your Property?

You might find armadillos roaming around your Lake Worth home for a variety of reasons. First, these animals love snacking on fruits and veggies. If you have a garden, they might be coming onto your property in search of food.

Another reason armadillos come near human homes is because they require shelter. These animals like to burrow in the ground to keep warm. Even though Florida has a pretty warm climate, armadillos might be attracted to bushy trees, shrubs, rocks, or debris around your yard.

You can prevent armadillos from coming onto your property by taking the following steps:

  • Removing food sources like bird feeders or dog food bowls
  • Securing your trash cans
  • Installing in-ground fencing or using an electric fence
  • Fencing off your garden
  • Using bait in a cage trap to remove them
  • Keeping trees, shrubs, and debris contained
  • Contacting an armadillo removal service and animal control expert

At Nuisance Wildlife, controlling wild animal infestations is more than just a job. We use a humane approach to ensure that the animals remain safe and protected. Even though armadillos are not a protected species, they are still important to the local ecosystem in Lake Worth Beach.

Are Armadillos Dangerous?

Armadillos are not inherently aggressive. There is a very low probability that you will be attacked by an armadillo unless you cause them to feel threatened. However, handling or being near armadillo waste could put you at serious risk.

Armadillos carry a disease called leprosy that can be transmitted to humans. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) reports that 2/3rds of human leprosy cases in the Southern USA are linked to armadillos. In other words, you should avoid contact with them at all costs.

Signs That You Have an Armadillo Problem

Armadillos are nocturnal creatures. This means that you might not notice them even when they are frequenting your yard. It is important to note that armadillos may come out during the daytime to forage for food if it is cool and shady.

You might not see the armadillos themselves, but it is important to be aware of the signs of an infestation. The first thing you would notice is shallow holes in the ground as armadillos burrow. Additionally, you will see upturned plants in gardens from foraging.

Other signs that you need armadillo control include:

  • Damaged pavement and holes in the dirt from burrowing
  • Uprooted plants, overturned garbage cans, or damage to gardens
  • Foul smells that are secreted from their glands
  • Distinct nose prints in the soil that they leave behind when they have been scouting for food

Wildlife control services like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can help you remove armadillos from your property. Instead of harming them, we will trap and relocate the armadillos. This keeps the local ecosystem balanced while ensuring your home is not affected by armadillos.

Where Can You Find Professional Armadillo Trapping in Lake Worth Beach?

Armadillos live in all different types of environments. As long as they have shelter and a food source, they can live just about anywhere. As a result you might find evidence of an armadillo problem on your property.

If you are looking for pest control for nuisance animals like armadillos, look no further than Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Our employees are experts in the animal trapping and removal field, ensuring you and your family will remain safe and protected.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers will provide armadillo removal services like Lake Worth Beach. We also serve other areas of Florida, including:

  • Boca Raton
  • Bradenton
  • Brandon
  • Cape Coral
  • Clearwater
  • Coral Springs
  • Davie
  • Delray Beach
  • Dunedin
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Fort Myers
  • Hollywood
  • Largo
  • Marco Island
  • Miami
  • Naples
  • Palm Beach
  • Parkland
  • Plant City
  • Punta Gorda
  • Safety Harbor
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tampa
  • Temple Terrace
  • West Palm Beach

Whether you need dead animal removal or have live armadillos roaming around your garden, we are here to help you. Our full-service animal removal company can help relocate armadillos and repair any damage they have done to your property.

How Will Nuisance Wildlife Rangers Help You?

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have years of experience in trapping and relocating animals like armadillos. We use live cage traps to secure the armadillo before we remove it. While bait is used sometimes, it isn’t always necessary.

To ensure we trap the armadillo, we will place the traps in their usual route. They leave behind distinct traps, allowing us to see what route they take to your garden or the burrows they’ve created in your yard.

Once the trap is placed, the armadillo will walk in by themselves. The trap door will close, ensuring they are secured in the trap. Once this is done, we can begin relocating the armadillo back into their natural habitat and away from your home.

We believe in protecting the local ecosystem, so we will never harm the armadillos. We use humane and ethical trapping methods. The only time an armadillo will be euthanized is if they have signs of leprosy or other dangerous diseases.

If you or a loved one has an armadillo problem in Lake Worth Beach, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is here to help.

Get Connected to Professional Armadillo Trapping Near You

Armadillos can create tons of problems for property owners. From overturning gardens to creating damage to concrete due to burrowing, they can be a real pain. Thankfully, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can trap and relocate them far away from your home.

Contact us today to learn more about our armadillo trapping and removal service. We can also help with other issues like bird control or rat removal.

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