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Wildlife Removal with Professional Experts

By May 10, 2019No Comments

Animals are dangerous and cause serious damage to your property! How do you control wildlife?

If you live or have a family in Southern Florida, stop what you are doing and read this. It will surely save you from a lot of trouble in the future. But what are we talking about? Let’s find out.

Residents of Southern Florida will most likely experience the same problem during their lives. This problem is called nuisance wildlife. Nuisance wildlife is when animals are able to enter your property and cause damages. Nuisance Wildlife includes different types of animals. It can be any type of critters, rodents, and reptiles. These animals will probably not only bring structural damages to your property but will also endanger your family’s health.

The majority of nuisance wildlife’s animals can transmit many viral diseases. Bats, rats, and raccoons may carry diseases like rabies, for example. Other diseases may be spread by mosquitoes.

To put it simply, we all need to take control measures. Protection against animals that step in your property is a must. Nevertheless, this is a task for experts.

Wildlife Removal Specialists

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are Southern Florida’s top specialists when dealing with nuisance wildlife. As a large and privately owned company, we offer many wildlife and animal removal professional services. For the past 5 years, we have continued to provide an excellent set of services.

If you need to get rid of animals from your property, is time to call the experts. Besides, not only we will get rid of your problems for a competitive price, we will make sure that animals are treated in a humane way. Last but not least, your property will be checked, and secured, to prevent it from having more animals invading it in the future.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers’ services extend to commercial and residential clients as well. We have an excellent team of professional animal trappers on board. Available at any time, we will work tirelessly to make sure that your property is free of all types of critters.

Get Rid of Animals and Keep Them Away

Our commitment is to make your home safe and ensure full protection from the invasion of animals. We are aware that there are several options in the market. Someone may think that is a better idea to hire a pest control company to get rid of intrusive creatures. We believe is better to make a difference while working. Pest control companies use processes, techniques and products that damage and kill the animals. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers opts for a more humane approach. The process of removing animals and pests will, in most cases, lead up to the relocation of the animals to their natural habitat. Of course, we also take measures to prevent animals from coming back.

Killing the animals will hardly be a solution. We understand that, for many residents, personally poisoning the critters sounds like the best option. Situations can become frustrating. It’s important to have in mind that the poisons and chemicals sold at most department stores do not work very well. You are most likely to end up putting the animals and your family in danger. Pets and children may get poisoned with this type of measures. One more thing to have in mind is that, even if you kill the critter, most critters will die in their nest. You will only realize this when the smell starts coming up from your walls or the attic.

Animal Control Florida

If you are facing a raccoon invasion and you want to trap them and relocate them yourself, think twice. It is illegal in Florida, as in most states, to trap raccoons. Not to mention that it’s not an easy task. Most residents will select bad traps to catch the raccoon and will only hurt or kill him. Also, raccoons are aggressive animals. Trying to catch them may lead you to get a rabies infection.

The best thing to do in all cases is to contact wildlife exclusion professionals. We have the knowledge and experience to handle every situation in the right way. By this, we mean that we have strict processes which go according to Florida state regulations and laws. Today, we are proud to be the top and most reliable wildlife exclusion service. Our goal is to resolve conflicts between humans and animals. As part of our job, we also secure your property so animals no longer invade your home. We provide affordable and cost-effective solutions. Trust us and we will completely eradicate the problems caused by nuisance wildlife.

If you need more information about our services, keep reading. We understand that you might be unsure if you need our help. We have a big set of options to choose from, depending on your problem. Take a look at our summary of the services we provide. Check and make sure what your best option is.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can cause serious trouble in your home. It is common that squirrels cause electrical faults and fires after chewing your wires. This is a very common type of rodent. When they need food and shelter, they will seek it in your home. If you have squirrels in your property, you can contact us. We know how to catch and relocate them without hurting them.

Bat Removal

Bats can be, especially, problematic since they are nocturnal animals. Bats usually invade the attic. They remain there and only move at dusk. After searching for food and water, they will return. The longer they remain in your house, the more they will defecate and urinate in your property. Bat guano causes several respiratory disorders. We know how to take care of bats. Let one of our professionals fix this problem for you. We will bat-proof the property to ensure that they stay away from your house in the future.

Raccoon Removal

Get ready for a serious mess if you have raccoons. Raccoons are scavengers. They will cause serious damages to your home while raiding it. Notwithstanding the structural damages, they are the main carriers of rabies. If not treated in time, a rabies infection can be fatal. At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers there are specialists for these cases. With the use of advanced techniques, we will turn your house into a safe and habitable place for sure.

Rat Removal

Usually, by the time you start noticing rat droppings in different places of your home, you are already facing a serious infestation. Rats are experts at finding places to hide in your home. They use these spaces to make nests and breed. When this is not addressed properly and in time, the problem will only become bigger. Fortunately, our experts will trap the rats and remove them without the use of toxic chemicals. Rats will be relocated far from your property. Before leaving your home, damages will be repaired and all the possible entry points will be sealed to keep them away.

Bee Removal

A problem that should not be taken lightly is any issue related to bees and wasps. Stinging insects like this pose a serious threat to residents of Southern Florida. It’s never recommendable to deal with these animals personally or to provoke them. With complete probability, they will sting and harm your family. Although we recognize the danger these animals pose, as in every animal, we understand and appreciate the value they add to the ecosystem. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are very good at handling these situations.

Bees Removal and Wasps Removal are certified services that we provide with top quality. These types of services are among the most complicated ones we offer. It takes experts to perform them safely. Also, space work needs to be sanitized correctly to prevent further infestations. The work of closing up entries and exits to prevent bees from coming back is called exclusion repair. These particular services are available not only in Southern Florida; we also provide them in the Central Florida area.

If you want to remove bees from your house, remove bees from a tree, remove bees from a wall, or you only need the cost, please, let us know as soon as possible. It’s not recommendable to let this problem grow. It is also not recommendable to let the bees alone and hope that they will not pose a threat. Contact us. You are a phone call away from putting your family out of risk again.

Dead Animal Removal

As we mentioned before, some homeowners opt for buying poison at department stores. This won’t end well. Chemicals and traps will kill cause the animals to die in their nests. The animals will start to rot and eventually turned themselves into a new significant health issue. Not to mention the smell. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers know how to solve this problem. We can trace, locate, remove and dispose of the dead animals. This will prevent you and your loved ones from being affected by any disease. After the removal of the dead animals, the areas that were affected will be cleaned, disinfected and decontaminated.

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

A lot of people from Southern Florida like to live near nature. We get it, we like it too. The downside though, is that it will probably be too close to natural habitats. This makes it highly probable that nuisance wildlife animals will enter your property. Anything from bees, snakes, and bats, to raccoons, rats, squirrels, and more animals will find access to your home. These intruders will cause structural damage to your property, as well as causing health risks to your family. We have the qualified wildlife control operator you need to effectively remove animals. At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we can even provide same-day services. Make sure to live in harmony with nature with our help.

Wildlife Removal Services Near Me

If you are a resident of Southern Florida and you are looking for wildlife removal services, you just found it. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is the company you need to call. A great variety of services, with more than 8 years of experience in the area, always at competitive prices, we are your best choice. You can be sure that your troubles will end. In addition, our methods will always be humane and, in most cases, non-intrusive.  Don’t hesitate. Act now; solve your problems before they get bigger. You know who the experts are.

One of the many concerns that residents have while deciding whether to contract services like this, is the cost. As we have mentioned, we offer our services at highly competitive prices. We also strongly recommend addressing these issues before they become a serious threat. Nuisance wildlife problem tends to worsen during the time. If never attended, they can become a serious economic burden. We always recommend acting before it’s too late. If you want to know more you can check our complete set of services at our webpage. We deal with opossums, iguanas, frogs, armadillos, coyotes, mosquitoes, moles, and much more.

Attic Restoration

We also have a special service for attic restoration. Many of our clients experience serious structural damage, especially in the attic. To address this issue we developed a restoration process to assure habitability. As in all of our services, we work hard to ensure that animals will not come back to your property. We offer services that we are able to provide to deal with even more animals. Hog removal, bee removal, ducks removal, geese removal, and more. If you have problems with animals that are not listed throughout this article, contact us.

Go to and ask any question you may still have. Check our locations as well! We have many locations throughout Southern Florida that are ready to serve you anytime. Our reviews include several satisfied clients that have witnessed the quality of our work. At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we don’t like to disappoint. We operate following top quality guidelines and state regulations.  Let us know the details so we can develop a solution for you.  Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a big team of experts dedicated to make your residence a safe place to live. It’s your turn to let us do the work.

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