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Animal Removal Boca Raton – How Do Pests Get into the House?

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Before you call animal removal Boca Raton, you should ask yourself where these animals and pests come from. How do they even get into your home? Answering these questions will help to avoid having them in your home even after the nuisance wildlife experts have carried out professional removal. You need to know the conditions that attract the animals to your home so you can deny them of a suitable environment to nest in. All this is necessary for rats, mice, raccoons, bats, squirrels and even moles.

City of Boca Raton Animal Control

If you find a dog, a cat, or any other pet on the side of the road, you need to call the City of Boca Raton animal control. The same applies if you find a dead animal on the road. These services are provided by the city department free of charge. The animal control professionals will come and remove the animal from the side of the road or get it and take it to a rescue center if it is stranded and has no owner.

On the other hand, animal removal Boca Raton deals with wild animals and other nuisance pests. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, for example, deals with these wild animals and pests. We do not cater to pets and do not provide our services for free either.

Wild Animal Removal Services

Whenever you need wild animal removal services, it means that you have these pests in your home. How do raccoons get into the home? These animals like to go through the attic. The area where the roof meets the soffit is a convenient access point since it is easy to tear off. Raccoons have pretty strong hands and can easily rip a small hole into your roof or wall. They only need to rip a hole large enough to fit through.

Squirrels often enter through openings and big holes. If your home has some spaces, then it would be easy for the squirrel to enter your home. Sometimes, the attic is a great access point since all they want to do is come in and never leave the home. Rats and mice have the same characteristics as well. Once they come in, they do not have a reason to leave if they find food and a warm, dark space. For the rodents, they might be a bit aggressive and chew their way into your home. They will gnaw through wood to get in. However, rats and mice do not need large holes. Even a quarter inch hole is enough to enter through.

Bats are part of the nuisance wildlife pack that can easily take over your Boca Raton home. They come in through holes as small as half an inch and nest in your attic. Bats like dark and warm environments so they will prefer higher ground. Other animals such as moles may not even want to get into your home. As long as they can burrow and nest under your porch, they will be just fine. This diversity is why you need professional animal removal Boca Raton services to deal with the nuisance wildlife.

Dead Animal Removal Boca Raton, FL

One of the worst situations to find yourself in is when a pest has died in your home. This is common with mice and also bats whenever you get unprofessional animal removal Boca Raton who opt to spray the bats with poisonous chemicals to kill them. Whatever the case, the dead animals leave a bad stench that seeps through to the whole house. They therefore need to be removed for this reason and also because it is an unsanitary situation.

In other cases, you will need animal removal Boca Raton because you have live pests or nuisance wildlife in your home or compound. Like raccoons and squirrels are very cute. So why do you need to remove them? Each of this nuisance wildlife as well as pests pose a danger to your family and your pets. Some of the dangers you face include:

  • Contaminated food
  • Diseases such as rabies and plague
  • Fecal matter and urine all over the floor
  • Breathing problems caused by spores from fungi growing in the decaying fecal matter
  • Destroyed insulation causing fire hazards

If you want to protect your family and pets, you would need to ensure that these nuisance animals are removed from your Boca Raton premises.

Animal Removal near Me

You may be asking, “Where do I find animal removal near me?” This is jumping the gun. Before you can even think of professional animal removal Boca Raton, you need to make your home and your compound uninhabitable for these animals. Some of the measures that you can take include:

  • Keeping your compound clean. Ensure that all the trash cans are in hard plastic or metal containers and that they are tightly sealed. Place them in a steady area where raccoons cannot knock them over
  • Ensuring that you do not have food lying around in your house. This applies to both human and pet food
  • Place all food in hard plastic or metallic containers where rats, mice and squirrels cannot gnaw through
  • Ensure that your Boca Raton home does not have any holes that will allow any of the pests or nuisance wildlife to enter your home

In some cases, you might need to employ scare tactics to make the animals believe that there is a predator living in the area. To do this, you can use dried snake feces for rats and mice or even fox urine for squirrels and other smaller mammals. Once you have all the precautionary measures in place, you can now call animal removal Boca Raton experts to do their job.

Professional Wildlife Removal

Now that you know what attracts pests and how they get into your home, the next bit is to now call an animal removal Boca Raton expert. Most experts follow a simple process. The first step is inspection. The professional needs to know what type of pest you have, what species it is and what it will take to remove the animal from your home. This can only be established through inspection. After this, there is pre-sealing, that is, sealing of every other entry point other than the primary one. Here, you seal all of the holes that the animals could use to get into your own home. In so doing, you ensure that no more pests can come into your home. With animals such as bats, you can use exclusion equipment such as one-way netting or meshes. These allow the bat to leave but not to come back in. As for rodents, you would need to seal all the holes including the primary entry point. This process ensures that all of the animals are trapped in the home so it is easier to capture them and keep track of those that are yet to be captured.

Wildlife Trapping Boca Raton

Lastly, animal removal Boca Raton employs trapping. Rats, mice, moles, squirrels and raccoons need to be treated in a humane way. The only way to do this is by using live cage traps. These do not harm the animal. Additionally, you can still check on animals such as raccoons and squirrels everyday and provide them with food and water before you can relocate them. When you are looking for a professional Boca Raton animal removal expert, you need to find someone who will articulate exactly how they plan to remove the animals from your Boca Raton home or yard. This tells you whether they are going to use humane or inhumane methods.

Once the animals are trapped and removed, your home will still need to be cleaned and sanitized. The excrement and urine from these animals can lead to food contamination, transfer of pathogens to your children or pets or even promoting diseases. You need a professional to do this because you are not equipped to handle it without exposing yourself to the same risks. Furthermore, you will need some damage repair. Pests like rats and mice will chew through your insulation. The same applies for raccoons. You need to repair everything that the nuisance animals have damaged during their stay.

Animal Removal Boca Raton, FL

With the proper precautionary measures, you will not need to get animal removal Boca Raton. As long as you do not provide these nuisance animals with a place to nest or food to eat, they will move on to greener pastures. However, if you already have these pesky creatures in your home, you will need professional animal control services. It may seem expensive in the short run but it will pay off in the distant future when your home is still clean and clear of any pests.

If you have any of these animals in your Boca Raton, give us a call at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers today. We are skilled in animal removal Boca Raton.

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