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Armadillo Removal

armadillo removal marco island fl

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Armadillo is one very ancient creature made of bone-like material. Basically, this animal digs for its food hence leaving large deep burrows into the ground. One thing about an armadillo is it has an outstanding sense of smell and can run very fast once startled. They are normally around two feet long and 12 pounds as adults. They are excellent in digging causing extensive damage in a once beautifully landscaped area. However, many times armadillo removal Marco island fl get calls that mostly describe armadillos large burrows. The fact that they dig in undesirable places often causes panic to homeowners. You will also realize that armadillo burrows tend to attract other animals. Anytime you find a large hole on your property whose dirt has been thrown out just know that an armadillo is a culprit. Now you need to work on how to trap them effectively.


Most armadillo removal experts in Marco island fl discuss of two major ways of getting rid of armadillos. One is through trapping and the other prevention. You can choose to carry out the physical exclusion of armadillos but the problem is it is usually labor intensive. This is because no matter what barriers you come up with, these animals just go on digging and digging. However, an expert in Marco island fl specializing in armadillo removal normally advise clients to build a fence that goes into the ground with measurements of around 18 inches and a 90 degree outward bend. Oftentimes, the effective method recommended by armadillo removal Marco island fl experts is trapping and removal. Homeowners are discouraged from using lethal traps. Though they do exist, they can be quite challenging, demanding and extremely dangerous to use. In most of the states, they are actually illegal. Working with an experienced armadillo trapper in Marco island fl is of great advantage for they have no issues trapping the animal.

The truth of the matter is getting rid of armadillos especially in Marco island fl is not a walk in the park. There is no repellant that will keep armadillos away, believe you me. The only answer to your armadillo predicament is trapping and removal. This is why experienced trappers know that no kind of bait that will attract these animals and only a trap setup will be effective. Some people tend to use predator urine, such as fox urine to do away with armadillos but only end up getting disappointed. Others use sound emitters and still become worthless at getting rid of armadillos.

Trapping armadillos

Trapping armadillos is the most effective and reliable way of doing away with these nuisance animals. If accomplished properly, you will not have these burrow-digging animals in your compound. Armadillo trapping is generally classified as lethal trapping or live trapping. The most common method used by armadillo removal Marco island fl professionals is live trapping because it’s humane to trap the armadillo alive then move it to an environment that is conducive to them.

Live trapping – In this method, cage traps are used for trapping armadillos. Strong material should be used so that the animal does not end up damaging the trap and running away. Preferably, a steel cage would be ideal with a length of 30 inches, 12 inches in height and a width of 10 inches. This kind of trap cage can be bought at animal control stores in Marco island fl. If you do not want to buy a new one you can always hire or design a personal home-made trap as long as it is strong. To trap an armadillo without fail, first get to know when it comes out of its burrow and study the path it uses around the area. With this knowledge, you will know the exact time to set your trap and the specific place to place it. After placing the cage where you feel its animal’s usual path and it does not produce a catch do not tire; just change the location and give it time. You can opt to set more than one trap so as to increase the chances of trapping this animal.

Once you have trapped an armadillo and of course caught it alive, the next step is to transport the trap away from your house far away as advised by armadillo removal Marco island fl professionals and let the animal into an environment conducive for wildlife. Be careful though when releasing the animal lest you get infected with leprosy-causing bacteria or even rabies virus. It is highly recommended you wear protective gear when handling armadillos for your own safety. This will also prevent you from being scratched by these animals with their big and strong claws because once they feel threatened they can attack.

Now that you got the armadillo out of your compound you need to ensure it never comes back. You need to take measures to warrant that you do not get another surprise visit from these animals. Undertake home repairs and put up a wire fence as well as reducing amounts of foods available in your environment.

Can you use baits for armadillo traps?

Many people ask this question and the answer is there is no need to bait a trap when trapping armadillos because they do not eat foods found on the surface, rather they dig up food straight from the ground. Bait will not actually work when it comes to armadillos. You will end up attracting other animals that are not the real target. Everyone is always asking about the kind of bait to use to catch armadillos but as we have said baits never work hence avoid using them completely. Do not impede you armadillo trapping by introducing baits that will not work but will only attract unwanted animals. Armadillos are easy to trap without bait. You do not even have to think of ever using baits to catch these nuisance animals. Apply other recommended methods by armadillo removal Marco island fl experts which have been proven effective.

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