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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Lake Worth

By June 29, 2018July 6th, 2018No Comments

Having been founded in 2013, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has mastered bat removal Lake Worth. We have served thousands of clients and they no longer have to worry about having bats in their home. We have continually perfected our art and as such, we will take the shortest time possible to remove bats from your home.

Can I Trap the Bats in My Home?

While most people may not be aware, bats are actually protected in Florida. As such, trapping bats is illegal. The only way that is acceptable, for bat control, is bat proofing and exclusion. Do not also try to poison the bats are they will end up dying in your attic and you will have to deal with the carcass and the smell.

Bat Nuisance

When bats get into your home, they may grow the colonies to become quite large. Bats will breed in the attic and after a short while you will have a very large colony that can cause a serious disaster. The bat guano and droppings are quite dangerous and are known to spread a number of health diseases like histoplasmosis, which is a lung disease. Contacting a professional bat remover will help you solve the bat issue, without contravening the law.

Allow Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to offer professional bat removal Lake Worth. These are experts in bat exclusion and will leave your home free from bats. We will also bat-proof your home to ensure that they no longer have access to your property.

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