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Bee Removal

Bee Removal Boca Raton

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If you have a bee or a colony living in your Boca Raton home, then you need to get some professional bee removal Boca Raton services. If you just have one bee mistakenly stuck in your house, then this may not be much of a problem. Leave the window open and wait for the bee to fly out on its own although this might take some time. Trying to swat the bee will lead to an aggressive response which could leave you swollen from a bee sting.

Do It Yourself Bee Removal

Many people attempt to remove colonies and swarms of bees which are nesting around or in the house. This is not a wise move. Admittedly, you need to get rid of these bees one way or another. This is because bees expose you to stings which could adversely affect your health especially if you are allergic. A bee sting will cause redness, itchiness or even difficulty in breathing depending on how severe one’s allergic reaction is.

Another downside of having bees in your compound or home is that they could sting your pets, family members or even neighbors. This has negative legal implications. If the bees attack someone who is not from your household and it is proven that you knew the hive existed but did nothing about it, the victim could sue you. As such, you definitely need to get bee removal Boca Raton services.

How to Remove Bees Yourself

Now that you have established why you need to remove the bees from your premises, you might be wondering how to remove bees yourself. Some people think that a can of pesticide will work just as well as any other professional bee removal Boca Raton service. After all, you will save on a lot of money and still get rid of the bees, right? This could not be further from the truth. First of all, spraying the hive could spark the bees and cause them to be aggressive. This will lead to bee stings. If you happen to be stung by a good number of bees, this could be fatal.

Aside from this, you should aim to treat the bees in a humane manner. If you have honey, carpenter or bumble bees, it is unlikely that they have shown aggression unless they have been provoked. You therefore do not need to kill them. You only need to relocate them. They help in pollination which benefits your garden. The only time you should consider killing the bees is if they show aggression and cannot be contained through any other means. This might be true for Africanized bees which exhibit these characteristics. Otherwise, just call a bee removal Boca Raton expert who will relocate the bees without harming them or putting you in danger.

How to Get Rid of Bees in Your Home

The first step in bee removal Boca Raton is to identify the type of bees in your Boca Raton home. You can browse to see many images of different types of bees before you can confidently identify the colony living in your yard or home. Bumble bees like to nest in lower areas while honey bees opt for higher places. Carpenter bees, on the other hand, prefer to live in wood. If you cannot tell which type of bee is in your Boca Raton home, then get a beekeeper or a bee removal expert to come and inspect your property.

If you have called your bee removal Boca Raton expert, which you should have, the next step will be to suit up in preparation of the removal process. These professionals need to protect themselves in case the bees turn hostile. The special suits will protect the professional from getting stung. You should not be in the vicinity unless you have protection as well. The expert will then remove the hive and relocate the bees. If you come across a bee exterminator whose plan is to spray chemicals in the hive and then seal it to kill the bees, you need to run the other way. This is an ineffective method that will still force you to pay more to a different expert for bee removal services to get rid of the hive. This method, known as the spray and seal is ineffective as much as it is dangerous. You also run the risk of getting attacked by bees because it agitates them and leads to aggression.

Some natural methods of relocating bees which may or may not work include the use of fruits. Since bees are attracted to sweet strong scents, you can cut some ripe mangoes or pears and place them in a sandwich bag. Place them about ten to fifteen feet away from their hive and watch them go out of the hive and towards the bait. Once you have successfully done this, do the same thing the next day but ensure that you put the fruits further away. With time, the bees will have moved to this new position and you need not worry about them.

Bee Removal Service near Me

If you are one of those people asking, “Where do I find bee removal services near me?” then you are in the right place. We offer expert bee removal Boca Raton. We do not intend to kill the bees but rather relocate them in a way that harms neither you nor the bees. You always need an expert who will articulately explain the process that they plan on using to make your house bee-free.

In the bee removal services package, you can also enjoy cleanup. This deals with removal of any dead bees, cleaning up any honey and repairing any damage caused by the bees or in the process of bee removal Boca Raton. You need to specify that you need these services as well because they are differently priced.

Professional Bee Removal Boca Raton

Professional bee removal does not only fall in the hands of pest control experts. Did you know that you could get bee removal services for free? If not for free, then you would be able to get these services at a cheaper rate by paying for transport only. How is this possible?  Simple! Find a beekeeper in the Boca Raton, Florida area and you are good to go. Beekeepers are professionals and they are skilled in matters pertaining to bees. They therefore know how to handle them.

Once you call a beekeeper to handle bee removal Boca Raton, they will come with all their protective gear, locate the queen bee and relocate her to an apiary. Automatically, the other bees will follow the queen bee because she is their leader. Voila! You no longer have a bee problem and the service was provided free of charge. However, you will need to get cleanup and repair services.

Bee Removal Cost

Bee removal Boca Raton is more expensive based on how big your home is, how big the hive is and where the hive is located in your home. If the hive is in an accessible area, then the service will be cheaper. On the other hand, the price goes up if the hive is located on a tree, close to the roof or even in a wall. These areas are hard to reach and therefore cost more.

If the bees are in your wall, the bee removal Boca Raton expert will need to cut a hole into your wall to access the hive. This definitely costs more and could even run into thousands of dollars because you will need a handyman to repair the damages after the bees have been removed. You would also need to clean up all the dead bees and honey before resealing the area. They could ferment and lead to a pungent odor which takes time to get rid of.


There are many natural means of getting rid of bees. They are effective when applied correctly. The only challenge is that you need to be very patient with the process before you can see the results. The faster way to achieve the same results is to get a professional bee removal Boca Raton service. Once you have the right professional, you can get rid of these bees without harming them or getting stung. If you can get some a beekeeper, the process will be cheaper, the bees will be relocated to an apiary which is beneficial to them and no one will be in danger of getting stung.

If you have noticed these pesky pests in your home, then it is time to give us a call. We are professional bee removal Boca Raton experts who will ensure that all the bees are removed from your Boca Raton compound without getting harmed. We are careful not to kill or agitate the bees during the process. We also provide clean up services at an extra fee.

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