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Bee Removal Clearwater- Expert advice on Bee removal

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You work hard all your life to make a beautiful home for your family, with a small garden in front of a well-built house where you go out to chill in the sun every now and then. All seems to be going well for you until one day you hear a humming sound which you will most likely want to ignore. But as you want to get back to your normal routine, you hear another one and another one and all of a sudden out of nowhere, there is a swarm of bees that are charging towards your home.

Bees are not prone to harming people or animals unless they are provoked or when they sense danger is looming. With this in mind, you will realize that there is not much to worry about should you find a hive built in your compound. The problem though comes when the bees decide to make their hive on your roof or ceiling and it happens that at the same time there is a member of your household who is allergic to stings by bees. Bee stings can be fatal to those that are allergic to them and thus it is important that there be access to bee removal Clearwater services urgently should a bee situation be noted.

There are a few species of bees that do not sting and even when reported to bee removal Clearwater service providers,  they will just urge you to stay calm in their presence. Other species, however, such as the Africanized bees can really be a problem if the situation is not taken charge of by an expert in good time. African bees will sting with the sole intention of causing death to the victim. Such bees need to be handled with as much professionalism as possible. The best advice that can be offered to you should you happen to have Africanized bees in your presence is to stay indoors and call on professional bee handlers to either exterminate them or relocate them to another area. This decision is usually made from an expert’s point of view and for a person without any prior knowledge of how to handle bees, you may not be in a capacity to do so. This may result in injuries to you as a person while at the same time the bee situation will not have been handled effectively and thus the possibility of reoccurring.

Relocation of bees by bee removal Clearwater companies is done through a sophisticated procedure that is both time consuming and costly. The equipment to be used in the relocation of the bees is a certain special type of vacuum which sucks the bees from the hives into a certain form of storage awaiting the relocation to another area. This procedure is done while wearing protective gear that protects the bee handler from being stung by the bees. Once the bees have been sucked into the special vacuum, the bee handler will then decide on how best to remove the beehive that is left behind. This may also be left up to you as the client to decide on how to dispose of it. One thing that is advised, however, is that you should not let the hive remain in the same place as it may be taken over by other bees and thus you’ll end up having the same bee problem all over again.

Extermination of bees is another alternative that bee removal Clearwater companies may result in their quest to help you. The extermination of bees entails the use of chemicals to kill the bees that are causing a nuisance in your home. This will happen after careful consideration of the species of bees in your home. The reason for this is because there are some species of bees that are deemed as being endangered and as thus are protected by law. Exterminating such a species of bees, for example, the honeybee would land you in problems with the authorities. The bee handler in most cases is knowledgeable about this and will seek special permission from the authorities before undertaking the extermination procedure. During the process of extermination, the safety of your household members is paramount and thus you will need to ensure that all of them are indoors and away from any area around the hive. Extermination procedures, just like bee relocation, are handled by professionals who have the right skills and know-how of going about it. Depending on the size of the swarm in the particular hive, the extermination procedure is likely to take a couple of days. This is because the first instance usually just kills a couple of worker bees that are close to the hive’s opening. Therefore, the process will have to be repeated again after about a week in order to kill the other bees that were previously in the pupal stage.

After the bees have been exterminated, the hives once again have to be gotten rid of to prevent another swarm from settling there. This is best achieved by burning the hive since it does not have any negative effect on the environment. You can also opt to bury the hive underground. Treat all of these materials as poisonous and thus should not be close to any food sources or kids. For adults, it is important also that no one scoops any honey that may have been left behind in the hive after the bees have been exterminated. This is because in most cases it is polluted by the chemicals that were used to exterminate the bees. The place where the hive has been removed will also need to be sprayed with warm water and cleaned up thoroughly to prevent the scent from attracting other bees to it.

A bee situation should not be taken lightly, especially if the bees have been noted to be aggressive in nature. Calling in professional bee removal Clearwater companies serves as the best remedy that can be chosen to handle a bee situation at any time.


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