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iguana removal Lake Worth Beach

Iguanas are originally from Central America, tropical regions of South America, and some eastern Caribbean islands. They have quickly become an invasive species in Florida due to the exotic pet trade, as people bought them and then released them into the wild. Over time, these released iguanas have mated and multiplied, causing issues across the ecosystem in Florida.

If you live in South Florida, you have probably seen an iguana or two. These reptiles are now common in cities like Lake Worth Beach, often coming onto people’s property to find food or shelter. Unfortunately, iguanas can harm your property in a variety of ways, including digging burrows that collapse sidewalks, foundations, and seawalls as well as leaving droppings on docks and pool decks.

While your first reaction might be to approach the iguana yourself, you should always call a wildlife removal company to assist you. Even though iguanas are not poisonous, they can still pack a painful bite, which could lead to an infection. Thankfully, professional companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can trap and remove iguanas from your property in Lake Worth Beach using an ethical and safe approach.

Why Do Iguanas Come Onto Your Property?

Iguanas might be attracted to your yard for a variety of reasons. If you have trees or foliage that contain flowers, fruits, or vegetables, they might see it as a food source. Additionally, they can be attracted to pet food that you leave outside or garbage that is left unsecured on your property.

Either way, most iguanas come near our homes to search for food. However, they might also use your trees as a place to rest at night. Additionally, female iguanas might be in search of a place to lay their eggs, which is usually done in burrows that they dig underground.

If you notice iguanas are frequenting your yard, it’s time to call a wildlife removal service. Companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have years of experience dealing with iguanas in the Lake Worth Beach area, making them the ideal choice when you are looking to rid your property of these creatures.

How Do Professional Animal Removal Services Trap Iguanas in Lake Worth Beach?

Since iguanas are an invasive species, they cannot be relocated somewhere else. However, wildlife removal companies ensure to use a humane approach like euthanasia, preventing them from experiencing any pain or suffering.

If you call a professional wildlife removal company, they will use one of two strategies to remove iguanas from your property, including:

Live Cage Iguana Traps

The most popular way to remove iguanas from a property in Lake Worth Beach is live traps. These traps are metallic cages that iguanas cannot bite or claw through with their sharp nails. Additionally, the gaps are small enough to prevent the iguana from slipping through.

At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we place these traps in an area where the iguanas usually spend their time. A type of bait is left in the trap (like fruit or vegetables) to influence the iguanas to go inside. Once an iguana enters the trap, the door will automatically close.

Catch Poles

Another way professionals trap iguanas is by using a catch pole. Catch poles are long extendable rods that cannot bend or break. At the end of this rod, there is a loop of wire that will be placed around the iguana’s neck to capture it. Because this method requires more experience and technique to prevent harming the iguana, you should never attempt to do this on your own.

Once the iguana is on the pole it will be transferred to a cage and then taken to a facility that cares for iguanas.

Why Should You Contact a Professional to Remove Iguanas?

While iguanas can be cool to look at, you should avoid contact with them at all costs. These reptiles often carry diseases like salmonella, which can be transferred to you if you come in contact with their feces or get bit.

In addition to salmonella, iguana bites can cause humans to develop a rare bacterial infection known as Mycobacterium marinum. If you contract this infection, you could develop lesions on your skin that may persist for months.[1]

Due to the risks of getting bitten and contracting infections, you should always contact a professional to assist you in removing iguanas from your property. Companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are trained to interact with these animals and always use the proper protection equipment required to remain safe from harm.

Get Connected to Iguana Trapping and Removal Services in Lake Worth Beach

If your property has become overrun with iguanas, it’s time to call a professional. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can trap and remove iguanas from your Lake Worth Beach property safely and humanely.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is one of the largest, privately owned companies, in Florida, which offers professional wildlife and animal removal. We have been in existence for the last 5 years and we provide exceptional wildlife removal services. 

To learn more about how we trap and remove iguanas in Lake Worth Beach, contact us today.


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