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Frog Removal

Keep Frogs Out of Yard

By September 14, 2017No Comments

Incidences of frog infestation during the rainy season have led to home owners seeking knowledge on how to keep frogs out of yard in order to preserve the beauty of the said yards. This has led to there being an extensive research being done by the home owners.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Yard

The yard provides a safe haven for the breeding of frogs more so if there happen to be damp places with dense vegetation.  Frogs love these conditions because they help them feel safe and also protected from predators. In order to keep frogs out of yard, one will need to take control over these factors. Ensure that your clear away all bushes from the yard that may be providing a home for the frogs. On top of this, drain all stagnant water that provides a breeding ground for the frogs.

Frog Repellent Salt to Keep Frogs Out of Yard

As you look for a way to keep frogs out of yard, it is important to note that there are no known frog repellents that are available in the market. It is therefore important that you avoid incurring losses by purchasing products that are being fronted as frog repellents in the market. Despite the lack of a frog repellent, there is an easy alternative that can help you get rid of frogs in your home or garden.  Table salt that we commonly use in homes is known to burn the feet and skin of frogs when they step on it, this can, therefore, serve as a very good alternative in helping you control the frog infestation problem in your home.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are most prone to infestation by the frogs as they roam in your property. The thought of having frogs in your swimming pool can be nasty but it does happen when you keep frogs out of yard, they tend to move to your swimming pool if you have one. In order to get rid of frogs in your swimming pool, simple methods can be used; this includes the use of a net to catch the frogs. After being caught the frogs need to be transferred to an area that they are less likely to cause havoc.

Frog Killer

The persistent problem of frog infestation during rainy seasons can be well dealt with using a chemical frog killer. Unlike frog repellents that are not in existence in the market, we have chemicals that can specifically be used to kill frogs and thus help you get rid of the nuisance that they cause, The frog killer need only to be sprayed on the frogs or the pool of water that they have made a home and they will all be dealt with promptly. Other ecological chemicals take time to kill the frogs but at the end, they are still very effective.

Frog nuisance cannot easily be controlled before it escalates into a serious infestation problem by simply employing proper methods to keep frogs out of yard.

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