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Mosquito Removal

Mosquito Control Lee High Acres FL

By June 2, 2018July 21st, 2018No Comments

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a company dedicated to helping you carry out this important activity. This is because our rangers are best equipped to handle these vicious creatures than anyone else is. Mosquitoes are death, destroyers of our world. Particularly so for us humans. They transmit diseases which have some of the highest mortality rates in the world. For example, deaths from malaria average 400,000 every year. Massive, right? This is the reason why humans have invested themselves in their destruction. Some researchers suggest wiping out their entire population. For this reason, mosquito control Lee High Acres FL is a vital practice for the health of our neighborhoods.

Does Spraying Eliminate Mosquitos?

Aerial spraying is done when the mosquito population is very large and calls for more manpower and chemicals. When aerial spraying is done, we use chemicals strong enough to cause harm to the mosquitoes but mild enough not to affect humans and other wildlife. Some people are allergic to pesticides. It is advised that when this exercise is being done, one should keep indoors. Additionally, do not leave dry clothes outside and rewash any that get sprayed. One should also consider staying indoors for about two hours to allow the pesticide to dissipate. In case you are outside, avoid looking up so you don’t get it in your eyes. See a doctor if you are affected in a more than usual way.

Mosquito Extermination

Hire a professional to do a thorough inspection of your surroundings. This is important as you get to use control methods effectively e.g. spray the right areas. Cover yourself up. Mosquitoes are drawn to us because of the carbon dioxide we emit. They are as well drawn by nasty scents such as stinky legs. Covering your feet can prevent mosquito bites. Keep the lights on. Some mosquitoes come out to feed when the lights are out. Keeping the lights on may starve and kill them. Consistent use of repellent, like spraying, also goes a long way. Getting rid of stagnant water is the most effective method to keep them away.

Mosquito Nuisance Concerns

Mosquito breed in stagnant water. The most effective method to do mosquito control is to drain away stagnant water. This may occur in buckets, wheelbarrows not overturned and any vessels that could store up water. They lay eggs that float around the water and often just look like specs of dirt. Breeding is dependent on temperatures available. Higher temperatures make ideal conditions for breeding. The lifecycle of mosquitoes is not long. Males die after a few days and females live a few months on.

The fact that mosquitoes do not live long means they compensate in other ways. They have very high reproduction rates. A female mosquito will lay as many as five hundred eggs. Mosquito control Lee High Acres FL is a vital practice for our populace. It is very important that you should hire an expert to help you with a mosquito problem. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are one of the best animal control companies for this job.



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