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Mosquito Removal

Mosquito Control Wellington

By June 10, 2018July 17th, 2018No Comments

Have you been bitten by mosquitoes, have you ever had a disease caused by mosquitoes? Maybe Malaria or Dengue fever? Have they in the least, destroyed your deserving night of rest? Well, worry no more. Mosquito control wellington is the solution for the herd of these menaces. Every year mosquitoes are among the top killers of the world population. It is for this reason and others that we do mosquito control which is all methods of reducing and controlling the mosquito population. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a key expert in this. They are the experts you need to talk when you have a mosquito problem.


Why Are Mosquitoes So Dangerous?

This is a good question. We don’t want to be attacking an entire species for nothing. Mosquitoes feed on blood. It is essential for their breeding. This means they’ll poke into your skin to get it. This leaves us with spots and allergies as we’re allergic to proteins they inject in us. Most mosquitoes attack at night which means disruption of sleep patterns. They transmit terrible diseases such as Malaria, Zika virus and many others that are deadly killers. Mosquitoes also affect the environment negatively. They also kill animals and leave places uninhabitable for humans.


Myths About Mosquitoes

There are some half-truths people talk about when it comes to mosquitoes and the diseases they cause e.g. Mosquitoes only bite at night. It depends on the type of mosquitoes. The Anopheles mosquito bites at night but the Aedes is active during the day. Having been infected makes you immune. It makes one less likely to contract malaria but still at risk. Exposure to mosquitoes could make you sick again. Some say we have an equal risk of contracting malaria. Children and pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting it because of weaker immune systems. Some say killing all mosquitoes is the best solution. Mosquitoes serve as food for some animals in some ecosystems so it is not morally acceptable to do this.


Most Effective Repellents.

Many people are interested in finding the ideal solution for mosquitoes. The truth is, there are many repellents that work. The key is mostly entombed in the correct use. For example, spraying pesticide is effective but one must identify the right places to spray and spray consistently for effectiveness. For yards, some proven effective methods include mosquito traps and air currents. On the natural scene, Citronella plants are used but should be kept along high traffic areas. These are a bit tricky so you shouldn’t really put them in your priority list. The more effective methods border on man man-made techniques. These require experienced technicians for proper execution.


Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are such expert technicians. With some of the best equipment available and the best expertise, Nuisance provides very quick and quality services for Mosquito control wellington from inspections to hands-on animal control, this is a company whose services you can rely on. So why do it yourself and have poor results? You could even put your family and neighbors at risk of contracting terrible diseases. This is not a worthy risk. Call Nuisance.


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