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Opossum Control Miami – Professionals near you

By April 27, 2018No Comments

Miami apart from just being a beautiful city, it has been touted by many as the pride of  South Eastern United States. It is almost entirely possible to mention the top five most attractive cities in the United States without mentioning Miami. The peace and calm of this city are however at risk due to the infestation of marsupials. In recent times, the population of marsupials has risen rapidly and thus causing many homeowners sleepless nights. This has brought about the need to have reliable opossum control Miami services that can remedy this ever-growing menace in the city.


Opossums as re the only marsupials native to Northern America. In appearance, they look like large rats with quite a hairy body. Marsupials give birth to young ones and carry them in porches located around their abdomen. In these porches, the young ones are nourished and provided for by the mother opossum up until that time that they are ready to venture out on their own. When you spot opossums in your home, it is most likely that they are accompanied by their young ones. You will thus need to come up with the most appropriate opossum control Miami procedure to help you get rid of them.  The first step in getting rid of opossums is identifying their presence in your home. There are a couple of signs that you can look out for in order to identify if opossums are present in your home. The first and most visible sign is fecal droppings of the opossums. Opossums will leave their fecal matter just about anywhere in your home. Secondly, the toppling of garbage cans from time to time can also help you identify if opossums are present in your home. If you happen to hear the garbage can drop almost each and every night and in the morning you find the garbage has been rummaged through, then it is most likely that you have possums in your area.


Opossums are nocturnal beings, and as thus, all opossum control Miami methods to be implemented need to factor in this. You will have to learn the behavior of the opossum well before deciding on any method of controlling them.  Trapping, which is the most viable option for most people, is most likely to be successful if the traps are set in place that the opossums are going to visit at night in search of food. It does not mean however that you will need to be up at night in order to catch them. The traps can be placed near water sources and entry into the attic or any other area that the opossums have been spotted to live in during the day. In the morning that follows, these traps can be checked to see if any opossum has been caught by them.  Make sure to release the opossum promptly and euthanize it to put a check on their numbers. Be careful however to check whether the opossum is a mother opossum as this will mean she has some young ones that may die of starvation and thus cause an awful smell if not located where they are.


One trait of opossums that you need to be aware of is their tendency of playing possum. This is a situation whereby the opossum triggers an automatic reaction in its system which makes the opossum numb and it appears dead. What follows then is a foul smell that is as a result of a certain fluid that is excreted by the opossum. This is sure to fool you into thinking that the opossums may be dead and thus you will just want to get rid of it by dumping it somewhere or burying it. However, within a maximum of four hours, the opossum will wake up from this state and walk of all healthy and ready to continue to causing its nuisance all over. If you happen to meet an opossum that is playing possum, what you need to do is make sure that you euthanize it to ensure that it is well gotten rid of. Failure to do this will mean that the opossums will continue multiplying and causing havoc in your home.


Just like it is with all other nuisance animals, removing attractors proves to be the most efficient way of opossum control Miami. This is because it helps you to keep the opossums at bay and thus need not worry about the possibility of them coming into your home and colonizing it. Opossums are known to be brutal colonizers and will move to another habitat and topple the ecological balance in it very fast. Opossums are also notorious for stealing pet food which also supplements their meals. The fiery set of teeth and loud growling helps them to scare pets away and thus they can feed on their meals thereafter. Opossums love to feed off the garbage cans in our homes. In order to best handle them, you need to control the availability of garbage to them. Do this by frequently emptying the garbage can and its contents. Also, ensure that the garbage can is covered at all times to avoid the possibility of the possums jumping into the garbage cans and feeding on the leftovers. On matters leftovers, you need to clear away all leftover meals from your yard after feeding your pets. This is aside from the fact that you need to keep watch on them while feeding to prevent any opossums from snatching the meals from them.  Filling possums burrows with stones and concrete also helps to get rid of them. This unsettles them from their habitat and thus will want to relocate to another area that seems more secure for them to colonize.


Opossums are sure to cause you a lot of nuisance if you do not take charge of the situation and control them soon enough. In case you have challenges implementing opossum removal techniques in your home. It is advisable to call in an opossum control Miami expert to help you.


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