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Opossum Control Palm Beach Gardens

By April 30, 2018No Comments

Palm Beach is one of the cities found in Palm Beach County in Miami metropolitan area of Florida State. This city among the least populated in Florida, but at the same time, one of the most beautiful and most visited. In recent times though, the focus has not been on the beauty of this city, but rather on its opossum infestation that has seen a whole industry on opossum control Palm Beach Gardens established in order to offer solutions to the residents. In this article, we look at ways of controlling opossums though baiting and trapping.

Opossums belong to the family of marsupials that are commonly found in Australia and New Zealand. These particular marsupials are, however, adapted to living in the Americas and thus thrive in the tropical environment. Opossums are not the most destructive nuisance animals that can possibly invade your home, but even with that, they still do cause a considerable amount of damage if not checked. Opossums are scavengers and omnivorous by nature, they will thus feed on anything that appears like food. Factoring this in, you can just imagine the extent of damage that the opossums are likely to cause should they not be checked in good time. Opossums have an added advantage of being brutal colonizers who will upset the balance of an area that they move in. On average, opossums deliver about 2-3 litters per year with each litter comprising of between 4-8 joeys. This is not something that you would wish to see happen in your garden as it is sure to cause you sleepless nights as the opossums increase in number and thus intensify the nuisance that they cause. The worst thing about the nuisance caused by opossums especially their knocking over of garbage cans occurs at night since they are nocturnal beings. On the other hand, at night is when you need a lot of peace as you rest. It is for this reason that a lot of homeowners are embracing opossum control Palm Beach Gardens services to help them get rid of the possum menace.

In order to control opossums, the most advisable method of doing so apart from just removing all the attractors of these marsupials is the use of trapping methods to achieve your set objective. The use of traps becomes all the more if your opossum control Palm Beach Gardens is targeted in your house. When a possum makes its way into your home and fails to leave within one hour, it is important that you start looking for a trap in order to help you get rid of the possums from your house. The possum traps come in plenty and can be bought at any of your local animal stores. Be sure to specify that the animal you are dealing with is a possum. Failure to get an opossum trap, a raccoon rap works just fine should you have it and use it in the most appropriate of manners. Once you have bought a trap, you need to follow diligently, the instructions given by the animal store attendant. Most of these traps can be dangerous if not handled properly and you may end up harming yourself if you do not take extra caution while using them.

Opossum control Palm Beach Gardens is possible if the trap in question is set at night. The reason for this is that opossums after nocturnal just like we had stated above, they, therefore, exhibit the most activity at night. Setting up a possum trap during daytime could also yield good results for you, but the chances of this happening are very slim and in most instances, the trap will only end up trapping other animals. This may leave you frustrated, especially if it had taken you a lot of time to set up the trap in the first place. Possum traps should be set in the areas that the possums have been spotted if the best results are to be achieved in the possum trapping procedure. In order to identify the locations where the possums have made a home, you can look out for a few signs. Look around to see if there are any burrows in walls in your home, abandoned burrows that have previously been used by rodents can be taken up by opossum and they can make it their own. The next most likely place that you will find a possum in your home is the attic. Check the attic to see if there are any possums in it and in case there are, then set up the trap in the entry and exit point that the possums use.

You have bought a trap and you have even set it up, but it is not yielding you the results that you so very much desire. This should not worry you as there is a way that you can make the possums be attracted towards the trap and eventually you will be able to achieve your target. This can be done through the use of bait. We know very well that possums are omnivorous, but this does not necessarily mean that all types of food will attract the possum to the trap. Possums are more likely to walk toward a trap that has a fish or fruit bait than a trap that has any other bait. The reason for this is due to the strong scent of these two baits. Once you have identified the bait that you want to use, the next step will be placing it in the right position in the trap to help you nab the possum. Make sure to set your bait just after the trap plate. This will allow the possum to move over the plate and get trapped before it can reach the bait and help you achieve your target of trapping it.

Opossum control Palm Beach Gardens is a service that has become a necessity for many of the residents and homeowners in this region. Having the skills that we have discussed above will help you better handle any opossum situation that you may be faced with.


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