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Possum Control

Opossum Removal for a safe environment

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Opossums are pest species that are almost the size of a small dog and have small eyes, have grayish fur, sharp claws, and narrow snouts. They are scavengers and normally inhabit attics and under houses. They are wild creatures and only Opossum Removal specialists can totally do away with them. If they get a safe entry point on your property, they will invade and find shelter in wooded areas. Once opossums gain entry to your home, it will not be business as usual because of the extensive damage they will cause.

How to successfully and permanently do away with Opossum

Opossums are nocturnal by nature and are extremely devious. They tend to sneak into your home at night and can create a huge mess as they scavenge for food around your kitchen. Because they are very crafty, you may not easily catch them for once they are done with their destructive spree they sneak out unnoticed hence it may take you time before you discover that it is actually opossums causing such a mess. They are small in nature making them able to squeeze through even the tiniest space entry points. To make the matters worse, if you have an undisturbed safe shelter on your property, they can multiply a great deal through reproduction which is a great a concern. Attics, under shelters, and crawlspaces are the most comfortable areas for them.

Once you discover these animals you need to contact an expert in Opossum Removal before the problem escalates further. A professional will know which areas to find these witty animals and possibly seal entry areas.

Detecting Opossum problem

This is how you can detect that you are actually facing opossum problems;

  • Coming face to face with feces or even urine stains around your attic, kitchen, yard or even the garden is a clear indicator that you have uninvited guests.
  • You tend to hear unexplainable noises then you may be having an opossum problem.
  • If you see an opossum literally crawling under your home you do not have to be a genius to know you have an opossum infestation.
  • When you find significant damage where you keep your food yet you do not seem to catch the culprit then an opossum could be the first suspect.

Do opossums really harm people or only cause property damage?

Opossums have rat-like appearance making many people afraid of them but interestingly they do not attack humans. When confronted, you will notice that they may play dead so as to throw off their attacker. The only danger that Opossums pose to humans and also to domesticated pets is diseases that they can transmit like toxoplasmosis, tularemia, Chagas, spotted fever as well as tuberculosis.

The opossum can also cause extensive damage to your property, especially in the gardens. They plunge through compost heaps and trash bins to find something to eat and can cause such a nasty mess.

Trapping and catching Opossums

We said earlier that opossums are witty that is why when attacked they tend to “play dead”. This fact has made many people think that it is actually easy to catch this animal which is not the case. It is therefore paramount that you let a professional in Opossum Removal to handle the process for your own good. It is a very bad idea to go ahead and lay traps out to try and catch opossums on your own.

These are wild animals and though not susceptible to aggression they should only be removed by a trained professional. A specialist with knowledge and experience in opossum behavior and can know how to effectively do away with opossum infestations.

Generally, trapping opossums is known to be the most efficient and effective method of doing away with them. While other companies turn to poisoning opossums which is illegal, it can also make the animal die in the attic emitting a horrible smell after decay.

Many methods and techniques have been recommended but the method that seems to work is trapping these animals and keeping them so far that they cannot come back.

Ways of keeping opossums away from your property

Secure possible entry points – to avoid opossum infestation you need to seal any entry point on the outside of your home. Areas to check on include chimney caps, broken windows, loose-fitting basement doors, attic vents, and wall openings. Seal any gaps that can create access entry. Do repairs to any damages that may have been caused.

Keep food away – every now and then Opossums are normally up and down searching something to eat hence if they find some food in your home trust me, they will become your biggest nightmare. It is vital that you keep your trash cans tightly sealed as well as keep pet food dishes indoors once you are through feeding them. Also, in as much as you keep the pet food dishes inside, they should be cleaned so that opossums do not get attracted to any leftovers.

Work on Opossum proofing your yard – Get thorough in doing away with things that can attract opossums to your property. Do away with leaf litter, debris, and even unused cars for they create warmth and shelter that these animals seek after. Do regular compound maintenance activities like pruning your garden area, cut your grass short and trim bushes and tree branches that touch your house to prevent opossums from climbing to gain access to your house. Besides that, also do away with under sheds that they can crawl into and keep woodsheds, boathouses, and garages tightly closed.

Engage a professional – It is vital that you work hand in hand with an Opossum Removal expert who understands the nitty-gritty details about opossums. An expert with extensive knowledge in regards to opossums will advise you on ways to prevent opossums from ever coming to your property. Always know prevention is much better, therefore, ensure that you do not in any way attract opossums to your compound but if at all they find their way in, indulge a professional for best Opossum Removal results.


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