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What Peacock Pest Control Entails

By August 30, 2017No Comments

Peacock pest control has become a service of great importance here in Florida due to the increased number of incidences in which the birds are invading home and causing chaos. Home owners have cried foul over the destruction of their gardens, noise due to roosting of the birds and scratches caused to vehicles.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Peacocks

Unwanted peacocks are plenty here in Florida and this has brought about the need for home owners to be knowledgeable about peacock pest control. Getting rid of unwanted peacocks can be done through the use of bird deterrents such as rotating cups and hawk kites that deceive the peacocks into thinking that predatory birds are present in that environment. The use of scarecrows has also been known to work well in getting rid of unwanted peacocks but only in the short run as the peacocks learn to identify with the scarecrow.’

How to Trap a Peacock

Trapping of peacocks is a very effective peacock pest control tool that helps to put a check on their population. The trapping needs to be done with precision if the best results are to be achieved and injury to be avoided. Find a suitable and sizeable trap that will accommodate the train of the peacock if it happens to have a long one. Bait the trap using cereal grains or pollen grains of flowers to which the peacocks are attracted to. The next step will be locating the trap strategically in an area that the peacock is most likely to access. Check the trap from time to time to see if there is any trapped peacock.

What Kills Peacocks?

This is among the most frequently asked questions by home owners many of whom get frustrated by the constant disturbance that is caused by the presence of peacocks. These home owners will result in the use of crude methods of exterminating the birds either by poisoning or hitting them. It is important that you know this, killing as a method of peacock pest control is illegal here in Florida and can and will earn you a jail term. This is because the birds are protected under the anti cruelty laws that are laid out by the Florida Animal Department.

Profesional Peacock Pest Control

Peacock pest control can be done most efficiently by scarring of the birds away. This is achievable by use of simple methods such as the use of water sprinklers. The peacocks hate the idea of having their feathers become wet and will thus keep off any area that has water being sprayed all over. In the absence of a water sprinkler, one can invest in a simple hose pipe and you will have to use this whenever the bird shows up in your garden.

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