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pest control vs wildlife removalOur world is full of insects and animals in all shapes and sizes. What is the one thing they all have in common? People don’t want them invading our homes!

When it comes to managing unwanted animals and pests, it’s essential to know who to call to handle the job. In some cases, you will need pest control, and in others, you’ll need wildlife removal specialists. But how can you be sure you get the help you need when you hear, see, or smell unwanted critters in your home?

This article will explore the differences between pest control vs. wildlife removal. We’ll discuss the critical roles both of these play in keeping unwanted pests and animals away and how to find a qualified wildlife removal specialist.

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Pest Control vs. Wildlife Removal: What are the Differences?

When insects and animals invade, you want them out as quickly and cleanly as possible. But when a four, six, or eight-legged invasion happens in your home or workplace, how do you know who to call for help?

Here is a quick overview of what pest control and wildlife removal specialists do.

Pest Control

Pest control technicians–sometimes called exterminators–have the knowledge and equipment to keep ants, spiders, rodents, and other pests out of our living spaces. Pest control technicians are able to identify what type of pest has made its way in and the extent of the problem. Then, they tailor a plan to treat the issue and prevent further infestation.

Pest control specialists have detective-like skills they use to determine which kind of pest is present. They observe damage, look for droppings, and easily ID dead specimens, then thoroughly examine the area for nests and passageways.

Then, they devise a plan that may include deterrents and pesticides in various forms, including pellet, gel, spray, and foam. They apply these chemicals where pests are likely to come in and where they’ve set up a home. They may also use physical barriers to prevent rodents and insects from coming in and suggest repair work that can close up channels from the exterior of your home.

Pest control technicians are your best bet when you’ve noticed signs of rodents or insects. If you have ants, bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, or other disturbing creepy crawlies, call a pest control team ASAP to get it under control–and to keep your home safe and comfortable again.

Wildlife Removal

Imagine you’re settling down for the night and hear the quiet swoosh of a bat’s wings or a scratching sound coming from your attic or crawlspace. Who should you call in these situations?

Wildlife removal specialists deal with situations where an animal has entered a home, workplace, or other public space. They have the resources, equipment, and experience to trap and remove a potentially dangerous animal while maintaining safety for the people and animals involved.

Some of the most common wildlife removal services in Florida include:

  • Rat removal
  • Raccoon removal
  • Bat removal
  • Bee removal
  • Bird removal
  • Iguana removal
  • Snake removal
  • Coyote removal
  • Armadillo removal
  • Crab removal
  • Duck removal
  • Frog removal
  • Goose removal
  • Hog removal
  • Mole removal
  • Opossum removal
  • Squirrel removal

In Florida, a wide range of animals live close to people in towns and cities across the state. When animals that should be outside make their way in, you’ll want to call a wildlife removal specialist.

Why Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Company?

Many animals commonly find their way into homes, workplaces, and other establishments. Some people may feel tempted to try to remove the animal on their own, but this is a bad plan. Wildlife removal experts have expertise in handling these types of situations that lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Here are some of the most significant reasons to call a wildlife removal company.

To avoid injuring yourself

Wild animals are dangerous. They have claws, stingers, teeth, and talons that can cause severe damage. Scared, trapped, or injured animals are more likely to be dangerous. People who attempt DIY wildlife removal are at serious risk for injuries from bites and scratches–and may require immediate medical care to avoid infection and disease. Don’t risk it–call the experts.

To avoid hurting the animal

When people attempt to trap or remove an animal, they often end up injuring or killing it. Wildlife removal specialists have the knowledge and equipment it takes to safely and humanely trap an animal and release it back into the wild.

To follow local and state laws

Many species are protected by state and local laws. Wildlife removal experts know how to handle these animals safely and legally.

To prevent property damage

People who try to remove animals on their own often get injured, hurt the animals, and cause a lot of property damage. If you resort to a DIY animal removal plan, broken items, damaged walls and ceilings, structural damage, and more can happen. Keep your home in one piece by calling a wildlife removal expert instead.

Finding a wildlife removal team doesn’t have to be a headache. If a wild animal has found its way in, call the experts at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.

Find Wildlife Removal in Florida

If you need wildlife removal in Florida, help is just a phone call away. Contact the expert team at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers now to learn about our services or set up an appointment.

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