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Raccoon Removal

Professional methods of Raccoon Control Near Me

By April 17, 2018No Comments

Raccoons are nowadays regarded as nuisance animals. This is due to their habit of making a dwelling in human areas and thus causing problems such as scaring people, destroying structures by nibbling through them and also the spread of diseases. With all these factors in mind, there has been a need to have raccoon removal services with a lot of people wondering and asking themselves where can I find expert raccoon control near me. The need escalates all the more if you happen to be in an area of high infestation and thus falling victim to frequent home invasions by the same rodents.


Raccoon control near me ranks among one of the most searched words by individuals more so those that have been faced with this problem in their homes. So what do you look for in a raccoon removal expert and how do you find one? That is the main question. But even before delving into that, do you know how to identify raccoons if they are present in your home? Raccoon identification is necessary so that you are sure what it is that you really are dealing with. There are cases whereby people implement nuisance animal removal techniques that are not suited to that particular animal and thus end up with undesirable results. This can be very frustrating, especially when you factor in the amount of effort, energy, and resources that may have been invested in the animal removal procedure. This shows clearly why it is important to have the right animal removal techniques for the right animal in place.


So how do you identify raccoons? When you search raccoon control near me on the internet, aside from just the list and contacts of service providers, you are also going to see a lot of recommendations on how you can identify raccoons in your home or area. Raccoons belong to the same family as rats, moles, and mice all of which are rodents. This, therefore, means that raccoons will exhibit typical characteristics of a  rodent. The major sign that you will note is that of nibbling around the house. Rodents nibble through structures in their attempt to look for food and also to make a way for themselves as they move from one place to another. Therefore, sighting such an instance in your home is the clearest indication that you may be having raccoons. At this point, it may not be clear whether it is rats or raccoons and thus you will need to do a further assessment to help you determine that. These other rodents prefer to create burrows in walls, especially at certain corners of your home. Raccoons on the hand, prefer to nest in your attic and chimney, this is largely due to their size, which would mean that if they are to make burrows in your wall then it will have to be huge ones which can easily be identified. Look out for movements in your attic more so at night, this is normally the surest sign that there are raccoons that have made a home in your house.  Raccoons have a thick tail, but with a facial resemblance of an ordinary rat or mole.


Once the rodent in your home has been identified as a raccoon, you can then take the most appropriate measures possible to help you handle the situations and probably help you cut down on the time spent searching for raccoon control near me on the internet. Immediately you have come to the conclusion that these are raccoons in your home, the next step is to assess your home to find out which path may have been used by the raccoons in accessing your home. Look for any openings around the home, probably a burrow that the raccoon may have drilled in its attempt to get into your house. These holes will most likely be near damp or wet areas of your house such as bathrooms and the kitchen area. Such conditions are a real attractor to raccoons and it gives them the promise of abundance in terms of food and water. Once you have identified these openings, you will need to seal them by use of a material that the raccoons cannot chew through such as steel wool or an iron sheet. Using concrete to seal up these holes also helps to prevent raccoons from getting into your home.


The next step is to remove the raccoons from the attic where you spotted them. This procedure will need to be done with some form of order. You will also need to decide on whether you are going to use traps or any chemicals to get rid of the raccoons. By use of traps, you will need to bait them and wait for the raccoons to be captured by the trap. Place the trap in an area that you are sure the raccoon will visit such as near a water source. Water is important to rodents and they will find it hard to survive in an area without water. Check the trap from time to time in order to release the raccoon after it has been caught. There are no restrictions as to how you can get rid of raccoons apart from gun laws that may require that you do not shoot in a residential area. This means that you may euthanize the raccoon after you have caught it. In case you use raccoon poison for the bait and you find that the raccoon is dead by the time you reach where it is, then make sure to dispose it off by burying. Clear the attic after you have caught the raccoon to get rid of any young ones that may have been in the raccoon nest.


Raccoon control near me need not be a thought crosses your mind with the mastery of these steps that we have discussed above. With these, you should be able to comfortably handle any raccoon problem that you are faced with in your home and even give advice to friends in the same.



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