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Raccoon Control Services

By April 17, 2018No Comments

If you happen to find an unwelcome guest in your home in the form of a raccoon, it is best to call in professionals in the raccoon control services field to help you manage the situation. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough times. However, in the absence of these professionals, we are going to look at alternatives that you may opt for to help you handle the situation without causing harm to yourself or the raccoon in question.

Raccoons do not like staying in human settlements, actually, no single wildlife likes doing this. The reason is that wild animal by nature, though they may seem aggressive and powerful, they are really scared of human beings and thus will choose to keep away from them. This, therefore, means that, if you happen to find a raccoon in your settlement, it is thereby mistaken and only for a temporary period of time. If not, then it has found a place in your home where it can stay without being disturbed and it is your duty to find out which place is this and clear it out before the raccoons multiply. Raccoons are mainly attracted by the prospect of finding food and water in plenty in their area of settlement. This gives them a certain form of comfort and peace of mind which they capitalize on and then settle and start multiplying in numbers. By the virtue that raccoons are rodents, they are easily attracted by the same factors that act as attractors to other rodents such as rats, mice, and moles. These factors include; garbage, leftovers, and debris.  You need to have a thorough check of your area and determine whether the garbage in your home has been cleared on a regular basis, the garbage can should also be sealed at the top at all times. It is highly recommendable if you can find airtight garbage cans as the raccoons are normally attracted by the odor from these garbage cans and thus assume that they can find feed there.  Leftover meals should always be cleared and stored I airtight containers that do not let the raccoons identify that there is food in that area. In an effort to clear the leftovers, you also need to clear the kitchen counters after you are through with your cooking or after you are done with the meals.  Pet food also needs to be cleared and not left to litter the garden after the pets have been fed.

Experts from raccoon control services advise that should you find a raccoon in your house, the best thing to do is remain calm. Like it has been mentioned above, the raccoons are in most cases more afraid of you than you are afraid of them. This, therefore, gives you an upper hand when dealing with them provided you maintain caution. The fact that the raccoon may be afraid of you is one of the reasons as to why it may want to be overly defensive and may cause harm. Never corner a raccoon. This is sure to make it feel trapped and in that state, any animal will become agitated. When you happen to find a raccoon in a house, the best way to get rid of it is to just leave it, it will most certainly seek a way out just the same way that it came in. Just make sure to lock the doors to all the other rooms in the house so that the raccoon does not move from one room to another causing terror to those in the rooms.  If left in a room with a visible opening that allows for its escape, a raccoon will not stay more than half an hour before it makes a dash for the outside in order to go back to its habitat. If the raccoon happens to stay longer, you can use a broom to gently persuade it to leave. Using a flashlight also helps to unsettle the raccoon and it will want to leave. A lot of people fail to realize this and thus contribute to having a huge raccoon problem. Someone will spot a raccoon the first time and immediately want to call in raccoon control services who, upon realizing that the area has no real raccoon problem, just make money out of your ignorance. It is advisable that you do not seek any raccoon removal services unless you have established that you do have a real raccoon problem. At best, seek an examination procedure alone and through that, you will be able to know whether you do have a raccoon problem or not.

A question that I get from the feedback from many of my readers is whether they should trap raccoons using the known trapping methods that are available online. My advice is this, trapping is a specialty of raccoon control services. They know how best to identify the right place to set up the traps and how to lure the raccoons into the paths that contain the laid traps. When you set up a trap on your own, you may end up trapping your own pets and injuring them. This is because you will not know what to look for when setting up the trap. A trap can also injure you if the right procedure is not followed. The misgiving about setting traps on your own also is that you may end up trapping a raccoon successfully but not in a humane manner. This could land you in problems with the animal department in your area.  Trapped raccoons become agitated and may cause scratches and bites which could lead to the spread of rabies. Failure to use the right protective gear when handling the raccoons in captivity could be detrimental to your health.

As we have observed in this article, raccoon removal is a procedure which is best left to be handled by experts from raccoon control services. This is because they the know-how of handling the raccoons and they also have the right gear to use in handling the raccoons.


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