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Rat Removal


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Rats form part of the larger group of animals that we all know as rodents, those little animals that wreak havoc in our houses by gnawing at everything in their way and thus leaving a trail of destruction like has never been seen before.  Apart from just the destruction of our houses and other things at home, rats are also responsible for the spread of diseases such as rabies through their bites on human beings. The infestation of our houses by rats rates among the most embarrassing experiences ever especially when friends and families come over to our places and have to deal with the terror of having these creatures crawl past their feet in front of them or make endless scratching sounds at night and thus disturbing their peace.

No has been known to appreciate the presence of rats in their homes and it is for this reason that the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, the most qualified rat exterminators Davie, FL exist. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers exists to ensure that all your rodent worries are catered for so that these creatures do not wreck havoc in your home, office or workplace. Being the best rat exterminators Davie, FL, we do offer the best rat extermination services in the whole of Florida and our prices rank among the most affordable.

Rat Exterminator Cost

Once you identify that you have a rodent problem, more so a rat problem in your home the next mind blogging question is how much I shall pay to secure the services of professional rat exterminators Davie, FL so that my house may be restored to its former state and my peace of mind restored. The cost of rat exterminators Davie, FL services from a professional company such as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers will range according to the extent of rat infestation in your home or office.

Rats are the most common of rodents found in our homes and which many of us have had the unfortunate encounter of having to harbour them. When one decides on outsourcing the services of a professional rat extermination firm, the firm will do an initial examination of either your office, home or garden in a bid to determine the extent of infestation and also to determine the type of pest that is causing you havoc, where their main entry points are and the right place to set bait for them.

After that initial examination has been conducted and is successful, the next step will be a written communication from the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers detailing the need for continued treatment which in most cases will include the sealing of entry points, repairs, clean ups and the decontamination of the house where the need should be. This continued treatment is recommended by the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers as a follow-up mechanism to ensure that the rats do not end up coming back again after their extermination.

How to Get Rid of Rats in House

Getting rid of rats in the house is the dream of every home owner who has had the misfortune of having to live with the infestation of these creatures.  The best rat exterminators Davie, FL recommend various methods of getting rid of rats in your house but the following are suggested by the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers as a way to remedy rats in your house;

  1. Using steel wool; Rats like any other rodents find it hard to nibble through steel wool and thus if you do place some steel wool at the entry points where these rats use to access the house then it would work to ensure the rats have no way of getting into your home.
  2. Using cats; Petting carnivores can be as a hobby or just for the love of the pets but these pets also work well to help you keep rats out of your home and if there are any already in then the cats will help you get rid of them.
  3. Using peppermint oil; Peppermint oil has a pungent smell that can’t be stood by rats and thus they will keep off any area that has the smell of peppermint oil.
  4. Using owl feathers; the thought of having their own predators around them instils fear I rats and will thus keep off any area that has the signs of a predator in the midst.
  5. Using cow dung; Cow dung with its nasty smell works as a perfect remedy to keep rats off from your home and also to scare them away as the smell chokes them.

This advice from the best rat exterminators Davie, FL is sure to help you get rid of your rat problem in the shortest time possible.

Rat Control Products

Rat control products come in plenty and as a person who is interested in buying rat control products, it is good to follow the best advice from rat exterminators Davie, FL before buying any of the products that can help you in rat control. Many rat exterminators Davie, FL suggest the following rat control products to be used in the process of rat extermination and control.

  • JAWZ Mouse and Rat Traps

These traps work well to trap many types of rodents among them rats and they do so in a very humane manner that ensures the rats are not killed and thus can be removed and relocated to another area. The safety of the user is guaranteed as these traps come fitted with safety precautions that ensure the fingers of those that employ their use are not snapped in the process of setting the trap. The traps work most efficiently when placed along the most frequently used paths by the rats as they traverse through your house looking for food and water.

  • Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent

This rat repellent works in the most natural of ways to repel rats safely as it uses natural oils and aromatics to humanely repel nuisance rodents among them rats that cause havoc in our homes. It also happens to be the only rat control product that has been approved for indoor use in our houses.

  • DeTour Bio-Repellent for rodents

This rat control product is a naturally effective contact rat repellent that drives rats out of all types of hidings and structures humanely without causing them any harm. The rat control product puts to use a contact irritant that is made from white pepper suspended in a clear food grade mineral oil gel that works excellently to repel rats.

Getting Rid of Rats

Getting rid of rats can be hectic if not an excruciating task that needs a lot of expertise if one is to obtain the most satisfying of results.  Rat exterminators Davie, FL suggest a lot of ways in which one can remedy the rat situation in their homes and other places of aboard. Many of the rat exterminators Davie, FL suggest the use of the following methods to get rid of rats.

  1. Block entrance ways

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways of getting rid of rats is by ensuring that they have minimal or no access to your home. The rats will normally want to access your house for food and water which is necessary for their commensal survival that forces them to depend partially on human beings for their survival and this will keep in constant contact with them to achieve this. It is advisable for one to do a thorough inspection of their house in search of any cracks, crevices and openings that may serve as entry points for these rats. The entry points once noted then need to be covered up in the most appropriate way that will ensure that the rats don’t have access to the house anymore.

The use of glue and cement to cover up cracks and crevices is very much advised. For the chimney openings and other areas around pipes, wire mesh can be used to achieve the same purpose. Doors and windows need to have metal panels at the bottom that ensure that the rats do not have a chance of chewing through the doors and openings.

  1. Removal of the inside attractors

Many are the times when we are prone to the behaviour of leaving leftover food uncovered or leaving food and crumbs on kitchen counters and tables. This we should know act as attractors for the rats that come looking for food in our houses. Leftover food ought to be placed in airtight containers and at the same time stored in areas that are inaccessible to the rats such as a refrigerator or freezer. Kitchen counters also need to be wiped and maintained clean at all times.

Stagnant waters in our homes in the bathrooms, toilets and kitchen floor need to be wiped and the floors maintained dry as this acts as an attraction for the rats especially when in need of water that is necessary for their survival.

  1. Prevent any possibility of exterior access

Rats like any other rodents gain access to our houses after they have already established their own settlement in the gardens of our homes and thus are in need of a more sustaining environment. The gardens act as attractors for these rats because of the leftover pet food that serves as food for the rats.

The vegetation and more so grass in our gardens need to be well trimmed and kept at a considerable distance that ensures no possibility of rats breeding in the vegetation and then finding their way into our houses. The branches of our trees also need to be trimmed and made sure that they do not come into contact with our houses as this give a passage to the rats to get into our homes.

Garbage cans on the outside of our houses need to be covered on the top and emptied periodically to ensure no over flows that would they serve as food for the rats and thus attract them to our homes.

If we follow this we are sure to get rid of rats in our homes and be able to secure them against any further infestations by the rats.

How to Get Rid of Rats in Walls

Rats are stubborn rodents that at times have no limit to the havoc they can wreck in our homes and this is because of the various places that they can access and utilize as their nesting hives. One of these places is our walls. Rats have sharp incisors that enable them to gnaw their way through our concrete walls and thus create burrows from where they then start nesting. Controlling these rats once they burrow through our walls can be a tough task but some few methods such as the use of rat repellents, bait traps and ultrasonic devices that are suggested by rat exterminators Davie, FL can help us to achieve the ultimate goal of getting rid of rats from our walls and for good.

How to Get Rid of Rats Outside 

Rat exterminators Davie, FL will tell you that getting rid of rats outside can be one of the easiest tasks if handled properly. There are endless ways and methods that are suggested on how to get rid of rats outside house but those that have proved to be most effective are;

  1. Use of traps to catch the rats.
  2. Use of snake and cat litter to scare away the rats.
  3. Growing bay leaf that is poisonous to rats in our gardens
  4. Use of owl feathers to scare the rats away.
  5. Smearing of cow dung in our gardens
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