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Rat removal Cape Coral fl on signs of rat infestation and control measures

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We can all agree that rats are dangerous creatures for they are known to contaminate food, gnaw on electrical wires and destroying property left to right and center. They leave around urine, droppings, and fleas that pose a danger to our health. Now you can see why no one can stand rats. They have this tendency of inhabiting many areas in the house such that it can be quite tricky to really put a finger on the exact place these animals are. You will find rats in crawl spaces, the attic, garage, wall insulation, wood piles, ceilings I mean there is no place this rodent won’t get into. You will know you have unwanted visitors in your home once you bump into destroyed or chewed up wires, feces and even foul smell from urine and droppings. Rat removal Cape Coral fl experts always recommend wearing gloves anytime you are handling any rat task so as to avoid contaminating diseases transmitted by rats. Many times homeowners have found it a major challenge to do away with rats the reason being these animals are quite small and not easy to locate though there are preventive measures that can be very useful. Yes, there are incredible measures to do away with rats but many times only a professional company can really do a good job on this one. They work bearing in mind that doing away with rats requires fast action.

Signs of rat infestation

It is easier to spot some signs that are clear indicators that rats are part of your home. It may be a bit difficult to actually spot the rat which is the culprit because they are not active during the day not until dusk and dawn.

  • Rat droppings – this is the number one telltale sign that you are hosting rats. You may come across rat feces concentrated in certain areas. Interestingly, rats can do more than 40 droppings in a single day. Rat droppings are normally spindle-shaped, dark brown in color and around 9–14mm long. If you see anything dark brown resembling a grain of rice you can be sure it is rat droppings.
  • Musky odor – Rats leave behind such an awful smell making your house smell musky and nothing can really take away that horrible smell. It does not matter whether you leave your door and windows open, the awful smell will still not go away. This is when you have to consider services of rat removal Cape Coral fl so that they can do their magic in ensuring your house regains its freshness once more.
  • Running tracks and bite marks – Rats have a habit of leaving both foot and tail marks hence it is easier for you to identify their presence through those marks. With their set of teeth that keeps on growing continuously, they gnaw on wood so as to keep them trim. They will also rip through packed food and even tear food open thus leaving behind conspicuous teeth marks.
  • Squeaking and scratching noises – rats are naturally nocturnal hence much of their movement is at night. While you enjoy your sleep, you will often hear movements and squeaking noises as these rodents scurry all over the place. This will definitely disturb your sleep to a point that you would just want to catch the rat and kill it instantly.
  • Damage – It is quite easy to identify if you have rat infestation the minute you come across damage. Rats chew on clothes, paper, through electrical cables, wood among others. The damage caused is massive and the potential danger of potential fires caused by chewing electrical cables remains imminent.

Preventing a rat infestation

One sure way of handling a rat infestation is barring it before it even happens in the first place. Once you notice signs of having been infested by rats you must take action immediately. Facing rat infestation is one difficult task to handle and many people fear even handling it because of the many health dangers they are exposed to. Rats are known to have caused immense serious problems for many years now in our environment. It is so unfortunate that many homes keep on being targets for rat infestations. It is like a never-ending cycle year in year out. What many property owners might be doing wrong is getting rid of a rat infestation instead of doing their best to prevent one in the first place. A rat infestation can actually be prevented by rat-proofing your property. You can also carry out time to time outdoor sanitation as advised by rat removal Cape Coral fl experts. It is wise to prevent rat infestation so as to avoid going through all the trouble caused by rats. Keeping your house clean goes a long way in preventing an infestation. If you have an untidy house with food remnants lying all over the place then count on the fact that rats will find their way easily to your home. Make it a habit of clearing out rubbish piles as well as clearing clothes that you rarely use. This is done so as to avoid breeding grounds for rats.

Taking action on rat infestation
Now that you have discovered that you are faced with a rat infestation issue that even seems severe than you thought, it would be wise to work with rat removal Cape Coral fl professionals. Working with them ensures that all your rat problems are worked on and everything handled in a professional manner. They have the right equipment to handle the problem as well as the exquisite expertise to deal with the menace in an efficient manner. The best thing about hiring a professional is you will enjoy long-lasting results.

According to rat removal Cape Coral Fl, taking action at the first sign of a single rat helps a lot in reducing chances of a severe infestation. The more you take time the more these rodents are going to reproduce leading to a serious threat. Do not allow a small problem to grow into a huge one because it may be difficult to contain it without an expert.


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