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Rat Removal

Rat Removal Should be Done Professionally

By February 2, 2018February 20th, 2018No Comments

Rats are a nuisance and when they get into your home, they can really frustrate you. The sad reality is that rats will chew on anything that comes their way and this can even cause structural damage. Rat removal should be handled by the experts as this is the only way that you can be sure that the process was successful.

When rats infest your home, they come in looking for food, water and shelter and this why you will find them living in your attic. They tend to be active at night and you will hear running noises in the walls, attic, and the ceilings. As long as you have rats in your home, it is not a safe environment as they will urinate and defecate, which becomes a health risk.

Getting Rid of Rats

The first step in rat extermination is identifying where they are. Some of the common signs that your home has been invaded by these rodents include:

  • Noises in the attic
  • Rat droppings around the house
  • Rats running in the walls
  • Gnawed wires and cables
  • Food being stolen
  • Smudge marks on the walls and other parts of the home

Generally, rats are a nuisance and they will terrorize you and your entire household. In order to avert this, you should seek assistance from Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, who will handle the problem like pros. Let’s first have a look at some basic information, which is crucial about rats.

Understanding the Behavior of Rats

Getting rid of rats will only be successful when you understand the specific behaviors of these rodents. It is important to note that they are omnivorous and as such, they will eat plants as well as meat. Every rat has its own place in the pack and they will burrow in your yard. Rats have a very high breeding rate and if you do not get rid of them with immediate speed, you will have a whole lot to deal with. Rats are cannibalistic in nature and as such, they will chew anything that they come across. These rodents cause a lot of damage to your property and in addition to this they pose a great health risk.

Recent studies have shown that about 20% of the fires that affect homes are attributed to electrical wires that are chewed by rats. Since they love to chew on wires and other electrical appliances, you should take rat removal quite serious. These critters will run in your attic and end up destroying the insulating attributes of your attic. They will go through very tiny spaces and will nest in areas that are hard to reach.

DIY Rat Removal

There are so many people who advocate for DIY rat extermination. However, this may not be effective and there are so many dangers that may be occasioned by this. For instance, when you choose to remove the rats by yourself, you may be limited, in terms of the resources to use. This leaves you with very few options like rat poisoning or using snap traps.

The longer it takes to remove rats from your home, the more problems you will expose yourself to. There are so many diseases that can be spread by these rodents and this will affect all the occupants of your property. There are a number of ways through which rats can transmit diseases. This can be through biting, air or through their urine and droppings.

These are serious health issues and as such, you should hire rat control experts right away. The rat disease like rabies can be fatal and this is one of the key reasons why you should not take the issue of rat removal lightly. With a professional exterminator, they will not only get rid of rats but also ensure that the rats will never come back to your premises.

How to Get Rid of Rats in House

A good number of people are ignorant and misinformed about rat removal. There are so many pest control companies that you may hire, but the only method that they will use is killing the rats using poison. This is a grave mistake as the rats will not die right away. The poison takes some time to take effect and by this time the rat will have crawled back to their hiding place. This will create another problem of trying to find the dead rat to remove it from your home.

The best way to deal with a rat problem is by getting to the root cause of the infestation. If you notice that there are rats in the walls, you need to start by establishing their entry point. These should be sealed off completely so as to prevent the entry or exit of the rats into your home. Once this is done, the best way to deal with the rats would be to use live traps to take the rats away from your property.

Rat Exterminator near Me

When looking for rat control options, it would be advisable to work with critter removal companies. A qualified rat exterminator will use trapping and exclusion as the most effective method of getting rid of the rodents. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers deals with the rats in a professional manner. At the end of the process, you will not have to worry about the rats coming back to your home. We will seal all the entry points and ensure that your home is rat free.

As one of the ways of ensuring that your home is safe, we will decontaminate your property. We will clean and disinfect all the places that they rats have invaded. Since rats will come into your home in search of food and shelter, you should deprive them of such. This is a natural way of keeping the rats away. Rat removal is a process that requires proper planning for it to be successful. Failure to hire a professional exterminator would make the infestation to recur in the future.

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