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Rat Removal

Remove Rats in Attic Davie FL to Stop Scratching Noises

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One of the most traumatizing things is realizing that you have Rats in Attic Davie FL. These rats often cause damage and wreck havoc by chewing on fabric, upholstery and nibbling on food. They can be disease carriers which makes them all the more dangerous. You also do not want your attic storage space to be turned into a rat haven.

Florida Roof Rats

Roof rats are much smaller creatures. They are also known as black rats and grow about three to eight inches long which is relatively small when compared to other rats. These rats like to climb on trees in addition to attics. They also destroy citrus fruits by boring holes and hollowing the center. These rats in Attic Davie FL can be quite a nuisance and need to be trapped and removed in one way or another.

Norway Rats in Davie Florida

Norway rats differ from roof rats. They grow twelve to eighteen inches long and are generally bigger. They are skilled in burrowing and gain entrance to the house through this technique. They are often found outside. They are also commonly referred to as brown rats. In very rare occasions will you find that the Rats in Attic Davie FL are actually Norway rats. These rats are some of the most troublesome pests and rodents in Florida.

Florida Rats in Attic Davie FL and Mice

If you want to trap and remove rats and mice from your attic, you need to bait them first. There are various foods that you can use to bait these rats. The most obvious is to use food that is readily available in the house. You could also use peanut butter but this will be a bit messier than using dry foodstuff. For the first few days, identify where the Rats in Attic Davie FL have a lot of activity. Place your bait there and let them feed until they learn to come back to the same place for food.

Follow this up with placing the live trap without setting it. Place the bait inside and let the rat learn to feed, walk in and out of the trap to condition it. Once it gets used to this, the rat is unafraid of the live trap, which exactly what you want. You may now set your trap and place your bait again.

Rat Removal in the Attic

What happens during this process is that the rats scent and oils adhere to the steel case. It becomes a common area within its radius of operation. Once the roof rat comes to have his meal, he will get caught in the trap. The final step is to check the trap periodically until you find the rat trapped. You can then opt to release it into the wild, far away from yours and other homes.

To make your rat infestation problem completely disappear, you can place multiple traps in the attic, within the rats’ radius of operation. With these, you will be able to catch many different rats and thus rid your attic of these pesky rodents. You can always opt to call a professional rat removal expert if you wish to.

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