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Snake Removal

Snake Nuisance

By March 30, 2018April 16th, 2018No Comments

We all love going to the zoo to see wild animals. One among them happens to be snakes, which many people dread, but would gladly look at if confined in a glass casing or just an enclosing that guarantees their safety. But what happens when you meet a snake in your house or around your garden? This then becomes a snake nuisance that has to be dealt with promptly to avoid any injuries.

Snakes may seem useless to many people, but this is really not the case. These reptiles are vital in the control of pest population. They feed on rodents and other insects which, if left without a check on their population could result in another form of a nuisance that could lead to the disruption of peace and destruction of property without mentioning the spread of diseases.

If you happen to see a snake anywhere in your house or on your compound, it is likely that the area you live in infested with snakes and thus you will need to put in measures to ensure that snakes are not attracted to your property. The control of snakes is the surest way of ensuring that you do not fall victim to any snake nuisance, all these are possible through the implementation of steps that deter snakes from making an entry into your compound. If not making an entry, then at least to make them feel uncomfortable in the area and want to move somewhere else.

There are chemicals sold by animal stores as snake repellents. The effectiveness of these chemicals has always been a topic of hot discussion as there are those that are for it and a whole load of other people who are very much against it. Before choosing to buy a snake repellent to help you deal with the snake problem in your home, it is important that you do some due diligence beforehand. Online snake removal websites provide vital information about snakes which can be used to help you know which species of snake you are dealing with and how best to handle it. You may find yourself purchasing a snake repellent for a very exorbitant price but it is not effective to the particular species of snake that is on your property and thus you will have suffered a loss. Knowing the species of the snake also helps you to know whether it is venomous or not. This is important so that you do not end up being harmed by the sake should it happen to bite you.

Snake nuisance experts say that snakes are by nature very shy animals and will not want to stare in the eye, this, therefore, means that snakes will not attack you unless they feel threatened. At most, many of the snakes you meet with will only hiss loudly to scare you away while they make a dash for safety themselves. Having this information at the back of your mind can help you capitalize on the shyness of the snakes by remaining calm, knowing that they will not attack unless they become agitated or feel threatened.

Snakes will make their way into your home through an opening. It is amazing the size of cracks that snakes can squeeze through. The first step for you in controlling snakes is going around your home looking for any openings that could serve as a point of entry for the snakes. Once you have noted all of the openings, the next step is to cover the openings using a material that cannot be easily penetrated such as an iron sheet or you can even decide to cement that hole permanently to avoid having to repair it later.

Snakes feed on rodents and thus if you have an environment that can accommodate rodents, then it is most likely that you will be faced with a snake problem, in the long run, should the area you are in be infested by these reptiles. Identify all the places in your home or garden that rodents are most likely to make a habitat in. These will include all burrows, your attic, chimney and garbage cans. If you have debris out of your house, this could also serve as a home for rodents and thus you will need to get rid of the debris in order to eliminate the presence of rodents and eventually the presence of a snake. Also get rid of food sources for these rodents such as garbage and litter, ensure also that there are no leftover foods be they human food or pet food. This facilitates the perpetuation of rodent life and the more they are in numbers, the more snakes will be attracted to your property and thus creating a snake nuisance.

The other effective way of controlling snakes is trimming down the vegetation on your property more so near your house. This is going to make the snakes feel exposed and thus will want to get away from that area since they will not feel safe in such an environment. Having cats and dogs on your property is also an effective way of controlling snakes on your property. The loud barking of dogs scares away snakes because they hate noisy areas and thus will not want to come to your garden. Cats, on the other hand, are known to hunt down snakes and kill them. In the face of their predators such as these ones, the snakes will not dare come anywhere close to your property because of the imminent danger. Instilling this fear in them helps to control any possible snake nuisance that could arise in your home or garden.

These methods described above are effective in the control of snake invasion problems for anyone without having to call in snake experts to catch the snakes. However, if the snake situation is full blown, it is necessary that snake experts be called in to handle the snake situation otherwise it could result in fatalities should the snakes feel agitated and start attacking those around them.


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