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Snake Removal

Snake Removal with a Difference

By March 12, 2018March 27th, 2018No Comments

A lot of people dread the idea of having snakes anywhere in their vicinity. This fear is catapulted by numerous stories of poisonous snakes attacking people and causing fatal bites or bites that result in the maiming of people. This without a doubt makes it necessary to have access to snake removal services should it happen that one is not knowledgeable in the art of handling these venomous reptiles.

Snake Removal and Control

Control of snakes is the surest way to ensure that you are free and safe from these reptiles. Snakes can be controlled by among many others, the blockage of all possible entry points that the snakes may use to get access to your home. For you to achieve this, it is advisable that you do routine checks in your compound to access whether there are any such openings. These regular checkups will ensure that you do not end up being faced with a rude shock of finding a snake in your compound.

Another effective method of controlling snakes is doing away with material that may attract them into your compound or home. Snakes love a place that has debris which can act as a hiding place for them. This is because such areas that have debris allow for rats and other rodents to survive. Some species of snakes feed on these rodents. It is important there for that you look to clear any debris in your compound to avoid the possibility of snakes finding a home in your compound.

Should a snake still find its way into your compound despite all these prevention measures, it is advisable that you call in snake removal experts to help you handle the situation.

Trapping and Removal Service

Snake trapping and removal is a preserve for the experts, this is so because an agitated snake can cause a lot of harm to the trapper when he or she intends to capture it. What is advisable is that immediately you spot a snake in your compound, make sure not to disturb it.

Snake handlers that are recruited by snake removal companies are trained wildlife handlers who have vast experience in handling snakes and other nuisance animals.  These snake handlers can be reached by contacting their agencies. Agencies advise best on what species of snake that is in your home or compound is. They also state the method of use to be put into practice in capturing the said snake. It is these advantages that snake handlers have over the daring risk of killing a snake by an amateur.

These services of professional snake handlers can be accessed easily from the comfort of your home. Nowadays a lot of the snake control agencies run online websites through which you can order for a service and get a price quote immediately. In the case of emergency situations, contact their hotlines and report to them, in a straightforward way that you do have a snake on your property and the nearest firm shall respond by sending to you an emergency response system.

Snake Removal from house

The appearance of snakes in your house is sure to cause a lot of tension, but if the situation is managed well then there should be no cause for alarm. What you are advised to do is not to trigger the snake’s temper by trying to kill it or capturing it if you are not good at it and if you do not have adequate protective gear.

When a snake appears in the house, there are recommended ways in which it can be removed. The first one is to open doors and windows wide open. This move helps to allow the snake to slither away peacefully without harming anyone. You may ask why this, it is most likely that the snake came into your house by mistake and is also looking for a way out.

The second method would involve trapping by use of trap boards that are smeared with a special type of glue onto which snakes stick once the crawl upon it. After the snake has been caught, you may release it in another area that is open, safe to the snake and away from people. Make sure to spray vegetable oil onto the trap board to make it easy for the snake to be released. The use of tongs is also advised when it comes to trapping snakes. It is recommended that using this as a snake removal method that you aim for the head in order to prevent bites from the snake when moving it into a bag that is well aerated.

 Free Snake Removal

For a lot of people, more so those without the know-how of capturing and removing snakes at home by their own, snake removal services is recommended. It, however, becomes a challenge when they seek these services from companies that are ought to extort them despite their clear economic hardships.

It is very much advisable that you look for a service that fits your budget well, but can still be relied upon. This is necessary so that you can have a good snake control job done at your home or on your property. An exemplary service should entail, identification of the snake species that has made its way onto your property. What could have been the attraction that led to the snake’s entry into your compound or home? Without the identification of this, it is most likely that the problem will recur. The next step would be to remove the snake in the safest way possible to prevent it from harming anyone. Finally, we will need to seal the openings that allowed for the snake’s entry.

Most of the removal services that we have around offer an initial service which caters for the less harmful snakes and which can be a good trial period for you should you need to test their services beforehand.

As a homeowner, the key is in understanding that snakes do not intend to harm if not agitated and thus being calm when handling them is key is to the safe snake removal.

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