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Possum Control

Top tips for Opossum Control Gulf Stream

By April 30, 2018No Comments

Possums are common nowadays in the southern states of the United State. These marsupials though commonly known to be found in New Zealand and Australia, are also native to North America. Their increased number has, however, seen the rise in the number of complaints from homeowners who are fed up with their nuisance in their homes. This increased number of complaints has led to many homeowners seeking opossum control Gulf Stream services. These are services that are geared towards the elimination of the presence of opossums in a particular location. Here, I shall take you through some of the methods that you can implement to help you get rid of opossums in your home.

Before you get down to the process of handling possums, it is important that you first and foremost learn a few things about their behavior and their nature. Opossums are nocturnal beings by nature. They are therefore more active at night and will spend their daytime asleep in the burrows that they dig around our home or even in attics. These animals are solitary by nature and will only cramp at a place if it happens that they are doing so for safety purposes or during the mating season or when it is winter. Opossums have a lifespan of about 3 years and in these three years, a female possum is likely to give birth to 3-4 litters per year with each litter comprising of between 4-8 joeys. This shows just how vicious the possums are when it comes to reproducing and how fast they can colonize your home if given the chance. Opossums due to their instinct that makes them colonizers, like to take over previously dug burrows. This saves them the time that would be needed in order to settle into an area immediately they have made an entry into it. Opossums are also known to be omnivorous that will feed on anything that they deem to be food to them. The most interesting fact about the opossums is their biological setup. The possums are immune to snake venom and will not succumb to snake bites. They also have a natural trigger in them that helps them to play dead when in the face of a predator. This they do by freezing their body and releasing a nasty smelling fluid that gives them the smell of a decomposing organism and thus their predator is fooled into thinking that the possums are dead.

Opossum control Gulf Stream is a process that takes time and needs a clearly documented strategy for you to achieve any tangible results in the long run. The first thing that you need to know is what attracts the possums onto your lawn. Possums will make their way into your home because of o the prospect of food and water. Having an easy access to these two factors allows the possums to multiply quickly and thus they can colonize more and more areas. Like I have mentioned, possums are omnivorous and thus will feed on almost anything. You, therefore, need to secure your garden by fencing it. Use wire mesh that is at least 3-4 feet high and with a top that curves outwards. This helps to make it difficult for the opossum to gain access to your lawn. You can also choose to secure your garden by the use of an electric fence. The constant harassment of the opossums by the electric fence will deter them from wanting to access your lawn and thus they will want to move to another area that is easier to access. Using metal plates at the bottom of the fence also helps to prevent the opossums from chewing their way through it.

Trapping is another method of opossum control Gulf Stream that has been proven to be very effective in dealing with the opossums. An opossum trap needs to be set at night when the opossum is most active. This is due to their nocturnal nature like we have mentioned above. Opossums can be baited by use of a freshly cut piece of fruit or any fruit that is over ripen. Fish also works well in baiting the opossums due to its strong scent. You may ask yourself where to get an opossum trap, these traps can easily be found at the local animal store in your area. In the absence of an opossum trap, a raccoon trap works just as well in helping you trap the opossums. Make sure that you adhere to all the safety guidelines that are provided in the user guide of the trap while using it. Set up the trap in the area that the opossum has been spotted to frequent the most. This helps to increase your chances of trapping one. The trap should then be checked every morning to see if any opossum has been trapped. There are no strict rules on the killing of opossums and this can easily be done at home after trapping one. But in case the procedure proves to be a difficult one, then call a professional to help you.

In your opossum control Gulf Stream endeavors, one thing you need to watch out for is the use of the so-called opossum repellents. These chemicals are not known to have any permanent effect on the riddance of opossums. Their use just serves to be a frustrating experience. What can help though, is the use of motion gesture water sprinklers in your garden. Opossums do not like it when their fur is wet and thus if it happens from time to time, they will want to move to another area that is ‘safer’ for them to stay in. Experts advise that you capitalize on this method to help you avoid any opossum infestation in your garden.

The procedure of opossum removal is best left to opossum control Gulf Stream experts to execute. These are professionals with vast experience in dealing with opossums and other nuisance wild animals and will help to get rid of the opossums in your garden in the shortest time possible. Call one today to get a quote.


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