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Frog Removal

Tree Frog Removal Experts in Florida

By September 14, 2017No Comments

Frogs can be a cause of destruction to our ornamental trees and this will necessitate that we carry out tree frog removal to protect the trees. Frogs will be in plenty especially during the rainy season and thus as a home owner, you will need to be extra alert at such a time.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Garden

Frogs before they go up on ornamental trees forcing you to carry out tree frog removal, they first and foremost start the menace in your garden. Frogs are attracted to wet and damp areas that provide them with moisture. Therefore as a measure of dealing with the frogs, it is important that you control the availability of water on your garden. Drain any stagnant waters that allow for the breeding of tadpoles that eventually develop into frogs. The tadpoles can be fished out of the water and be buried in the dry soil where they will eventually die.

Frog Killer

Many home owners in their quest for tree frog removal will have the idea of killing the frogs strike them once in a while.  In order to kill frogs, you will need to use chemicals that can kill these reptiles. Commercially there are no repellents for frogs but frog poison does exist which can be sprayed on the frogs and it will kill them instantly, this, however, is not the case for ecological poisons which take a longer time. The chemicals when being used need to be used with a lot of caution since they can be harmful to human beings, protective clothing is a must.

How to Stop Frogs from Croaking

Male frogs are the ones that produce the irritating croaking sound that deprives many of the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful night sleep. These male frogs do so in search of females during the breeding season and also to warn other males against entering their territories. The frogs will at times in search of females hop onto our trees and thus bring about the need for tree frog removal. In order to deal with these croaking menace, the frogs need to be prevented from breeding by reducing the availability of food for them in the breeding season. This can be done by getting rid of insects in their environment.

Tree Frog Removal Repellent

The lack of commercially sold frog repellents that can help home owners in frog removal presents a challenge that needs to be dealt with a lot of intelligence. In the absence of a proper frog repellent, people have devised ways in which they can deal with the frog menace and it has been known that salt works effectively. Spreading salt crystals in places that are stepped on by frogs helps to burn the feet of the frogs and thus chase them away from those areas.

Frog nuisance needs a lot of commitment to getting rid of and as a home owner, you will need to act swiftly before these reptiles cause a menace especially if it has reached the point of tree frog removal.

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