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Armadillo Removal

armadillo removal Captiva Fl

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Apart from armadillos causing destruction and damage to your yard and garden, these animals are also carriers of a number of dangerous diseases. They have the ability to host parasitic worms as well as rabies in some occasions. Armadillo is one of those species that is distinctive because it normally has natural body temperature. Many times this temperature may actually be lower compared to other animals. Having said that, armadillos carry few diseases with them than any other animals but the problem is these diseases are extremely serious. This is why armadillo removal Captiva Fl advice that anytime you are handling armadillos you take precaution. Ensure you do not touch them with your bare hands and avoid any contact at all times. The bottom line is, implement armadillo control measures that do not require you to go anywhere near an armadillo.  Ensure you limit the risk of exposure by keeping distance.

Let us take a closer look at the two main diseases caused by armadillos;

  • Leprosy/Hansen’s Disease

This disease is transmitted by physical contact with armadillos or even consuming the animal. Reason being leprosy cannot be passed to humans at a distance. So there has to be long-term direct contact with someone who has been infected having transmitted the disease from an armadillo. If treatment is not prioritized and an infected person travels, then the bacteria also spread mostly through the air from one human to another. The good thing is Hansen’s disease also known as leprosy is not at all highly contagious. The easiest way to avoid catching this disease is avoiding any contact with armadillos; it’s that simple. The good news is leprosy is a curable disease which can be treated with antibiotics. However, this disease should be detected early so that treatment can take effect. The key here is early detection for without that disfigurement can occur and this sadly can lead to total disability. In this time and age, leprosy is considered a rare disease hence making it highly misdiagnosed. Precaution should be taken by visiting an accredited medical professional for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

  • Rabies
    Armadillos also carry the rabies virus but not a whole lot of the population has it. This disease most of the times is transmitted either when an armadillo bites or scratches. It does this when it feels cornered or when provoked hence it ends up attacking. Armadillo removal Captiva Fl professionals note that armadillos tend to be cautious around people but you should not try to make them agitated. However, if you meet armadillos that seem sharp and alert during the day, then stay clear of them because there might be a possibility that they have rabies.

Armadillos also have prolonged known problems with tapeworms which are basically parasites of the digestive system. Surprisingly, this parasite can be transmitted to humans most probably by consuming an armadillo. Besides that, research shows that armadillos also carry a bacterium known as salmonella. Once a human picks up salmonella bacteria the symptoms begin to show immediately. The person can get critically ill with fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. The salmonella bacteria also affect the blood.


What are some of the symptoms of armadillo diseases?

It is important to take note of some of the symptoms for they will be a sign of an armadillo disease. Taking a look at leprosy, some of the symptoms include the discovery of discolored patches on the skin, lesion and skin dryness. With time more symptoms begin to show like paralysis, growths on the skin, blindness and the worst of it all disfigurement of hands and feet. These symptoms can really send someone to an early grave. Rabies which is another fatal armadillo disease takes time before its symptoms begin to show. Once they start to display you will notice that you have a fever and you get easily agitated. The problem is one these symptoms begin to show it’s a clear indication that survival is on the line. What armadillo removal Captiva Fl recommends is the early treatment of both leprosy and rabies because they are both curable but only when caught early enough.

Prevention and control measures

You will realize that in some of the cases reported about leprosy and rabies; it is the fault of humans and has nothing to do with armadillos. According to armadillo removal Captiva Fl diseases carried by armadillos are not that easy to catch not unless there is close contact which happens when humans either try to catch armadillos or when they decide to make a meal out of them. Improperly cooked armadillo and a dead armadillo are not safe because of the bacteria and viruses contained in them. Ensure that you strictly don’t handle any removal that requires you to have a one on one contact with armadillos. Since Captiva Fl does not allow the use of fumigants, toxicants or repellents as means of doing away with armadillos, you may consider playing it safe by counting on expert armadillo removal services.


In as much as many people never associated armadillos with any kind of disease due to lack of knowledge, at least now they have all the information shared out by armadillo removal Captiva Fl. Some of these diseases are traced from old years and this is a clear indication of how critical the situation is. Extreme caution should be exercised anytime armadillos are spotted.  It is not wise to put your health at risk even after all these information has been shared. In much as the chances of being infected with leprosy by armadillos has drastically reduced, you would rather stay safe than be sorry in the long run. Let armadillo professionals handle any infestation you have because they have the necessary equipment meant for this job. Calling an expert is by far the safest method you can carry out to keep these troublesome creatures far away from your home. This way you will not have any worries about contracting diseases. The health and protection of both your family and yourself should always take precedence.



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