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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Estero FL

By June 23, 2018July 9th, 2018No Comments

Containing bats is one of the most frustrating human-wildlife conflicts. They are annoying little vampires some of the worst things about them is that they will hide in building vents, attics, and chimneys which are not the easiest places to get to. Additionally, they put you at risk of getting viruses and diseases they carry such as rabies. Just the right conditions to leave you feeling angry and helpless. There is relief, however. Bat removal Estero FL has never been easier. Thanks to the help of Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, you now have just the right person to contact and help you with your bat problem.

Why Are Bats in My Chimney?

The chimney is quite an ideal place to live for bats. It is quite warm and far from your reach. Additionally, most people these days do not have much utility for chimneys. Bats are able to escape from predators and for this will almost always never leave. What follows is that they will reproduce and the longer they stay, the more havoc they wreak. You will hear unsettling noises at dawn at dusk and see guano (bat droppings) in your house. You will also be predisposed to lung diseases if you inhale them. It is unwise to try and force them out by yourself. You may hurt yourself or get bit and contract rabies.

Chimney Bat Control

Bat removal from the chimney is one of our specialty services. As earlier discussed, it is very unwise to try and do chimney bat elimination by yourself. You don’t want to hurt yourself, contract a disease or worse, you could give bats entry into the rest of your house. Chimney bat exclusion requires our rangers to take over. We fix your problem unlike anyone can. Bat extermination is done by exclusion. It’s not easy to do exclusion in the chimney. We also clean up bat guano so t doesn’t pose any threat after exclusion. Our experts also do chimney repair so your chimney looks as excellent as it was before the bats took over it.

Bat Removal Cost

The cost, for eradicating bats, is a concern that many share. There are many factors to put into consideration for the price of this task. First, it depends on the damage the bats have done. If the damage is massive, then this may be a pricey service. In addition, it is a very risky affair for our rangers to do. For this, they must be well remunerated and well equipped. This means rabies shots and breathing masks to shield them from bacteria. Bat specialists are very few. It is a risky business and few are willing to practice bat removal. The cost also usually includes fueling costs to your destination.

Bats breed especially well in the tropics and Florida is a zone pretty close to the equator. This means they may very well breed more than once a year. You don’t want a bat colony anywhere in your compound. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are here to help you take back and restore your home to a serene, healthy home. For all your bat removal Estero FL queries and needs, contact us and find a dedicated team of experts well equipped and ready to assist.


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