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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Sanibel Island FL

By June 18, 2018July 11th, 2018No Comments

When it comes to bat removal Sanibel Island FL, you should know that not all the wildlife removal companies have the same experience. Some are not even familiar with the correct methods or dealing with bats. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is experienced and has the best team of bat control experts. Bat exclusion is the most effective way to handle bats as this will be within the law. You should not attempt to kill bats as they are protected in Florida. We will be happy to deal with the bat menace in your home and bat proof your home.

How Can I Kill Bats in My House?

When you spot a bat or any signs of a bat infestation in your home, you need to contact a professional expert to remove it humanely. You should never kill bats because this is against the law. In addition to this, bats are dangerous and any contact with them will cause a number of health risks like rabies. There are some repellents that are sold on the markets that are supposedly meant to eliminate bats, but these are not effective. As such, all you have to do is to find a qualified bat control expert and they will be in a position to remove the bats successfully, without killing them.

Bats in the Attic

When bats invade your home, the most likely place that they will go to is your attic. As they start to breed, they will start to leave behind bat deposits, which are known as guano. The bat guano is dangerous and can cause serious problems to your health. The bats will roost in the attic during the day and they will cause serious damages. Besides the bat control to eradicate the bats from your home, it is important to have the guano removed so as to decontaminate your home. Hire Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is qualified and will deal with bats effectively and restore your attic.

Bats in the Chimney

Did you know that male bats hardly come into your home? As such, when you see bats flying around your home, there is a high possibility that these are female bats. A chimney is a common place for bats to invade and they use the open flu to gain access to your chimney. While you may not realize the severity of the problem, at once, bats can be quite destructive. The bat guano is dangerous and can cause lung diseases when they accumulate in the chimney.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is has been branded as bat experts as they know how to handle these rodents. We have a great team of experts and as such, we have been able to provide bat removal Sanibel Island FL to all the residents of Florida. We will not only remove the bats from your home but also keep them out for good. Contact us now and you can be sure that your bat problem will be solved, professional, for good.

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