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Bee Removal

Bee Removal Ft Lauderdale Fl

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A beautiful and peaceful home is the pride and prayer of many to achieve. The struggle that people put in to realize this cannot be understated. It is therefore heartbreaking when your home cannot give you the peace of mind that you crave so much because of a bee invasion. Bees are important to the environment, but having them in the wrong place brings about the need to have professional bee removal Ft Lauderdale Fl services to help remedy the situation.

Bee removal may seem like a daunting task to many, and it is justifiably so considering all that has to be done to completely rid your home of these nuisance insects. This process of in most instances will depend on the species of bees that are found in your home. With the mention of the species, it will occur to you that identification of the species of bees that have made a hive in your home is the first step in a procedural activity of removing the bees. Why the need for identification? This is necessary because it helps you to know exactly where the hive has been created by the bees and the approach to removing it.

This first step is called the examination stage and the professional bee removal Ft Lauderdale Fl experts invest a lot 8f their time and resources in this because it helps to determine the success of their bee removal endeavor. No single professional firm wants to be the provider of services that are not regarded as being of quality and thus they will take this procedure with utmost seriousness. As an individual bee remover at home, you also need to give great focus and attention to detail during this stage of the bee removal procedure because of its importance.

Capturing a single bee from the many that have swarmed into your home can go a long way in determining which species it belongs to. Different species vary according to their physical attributes and generally the hairier a bee is, the more ferocious it is. In this regard also, different species of bees will build their hives in different places and in different ways. For example, honey bees will have their hives in an open area such as any hollow tree stump or simply in the chimney of your house. Carpenter bees love to keep away from the open and will have their hives burrowed underground. Bumblebees, on the other hand, drill through a crack in your wall to make their beehive. Africanized bees, on the other hand, make their beehives in a similar fashion as that of honey bees. Nowadays, any feral bee is regarded as African. The identification of the bee species helps to determine how you handle them when removing them from your home. Honey bees are endangered species and thus are protected by law. For this species of bees, you will need to use all the possible humane methods of bee removal in order to avoid problems with authorities in your area. Calling a local beekeeper to help you relocate the bees is the most viable of all other options.

For the other bee species, extermination can be considered as a method of bee removal Ft Lauderdale Fl. This is because they are not protected by law and thus do not pose any legal challenges should one opt to use chemicals to exterminate them. For the Africanized honey bees, however, extra caution needs to be considered in any method that is chosen when dealing with them. Like we have said above, these are the most ferocious of all species of bees available and will not hesitate from stinging at the slightest provocation. This gets even more serious should you be allergic to bee stings, it could be fatal as it can result in breathing difficulties for the victim. Africanized honey bees are best left to professionals to handle them as they require a certain level of skill to subdue. It goes without saying also that protective gear is also required in order for the procedure to be done successfully.

Beehive removal is not difficult provided you have all that is required to make it successfully, what poses a challenge, however, is wrong timing. Bee removal Ft Lauderdale Fl experts’ advice that bees be removed from their hive at that time of the day when they exhibit minimal activity. For an amateur in matters concerning bee removal, you may be wondering when is this time of the day and how do I identify it so I can move in swiftly and get rid of the bees. Evening time is when bees are most vulnerable and can be dealt with without much hassle. This is when the worker bees will have returned to the hive and are most likely resting or just engaging in minimal activity. The guard bees will, however, be most active during this time and if not careful, they can cause a lot of harm to you. A word of advice also is that you should not assume that the worker bees will not react. No, they will immediately they sense danger. What you need to do is just act fast enough before they fully become aware of what is going on around them.

The swiftness of the bee removal Ft Lauderdale Fl procedure will depend on the location of the hive. If it is borrowed underground or built within the crack of a wall, then it is sure to cause you a lot of problems in retrieving. This will require some form of drilling in order to get close to where the hive is. If you are not sure of the location of a beehive especially if located inside a wall, then it is advisable that you tap the outside of the wall by use of a hammer, bees will respond by humming and thus you will be able to know where exactly is the beehive. This will give you a chance to make the right plans on how to retrieve the beehive.


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