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Bee Removal

Bee Removal South Florida

By March 22, 2018April 16th, 2018No Comments

South Florida is home to a variety of nature’s best selection of living things. Among this abundance, is bees. A lot of people have varied opinions on whether bees are important or not. The truth of the matter is that they are important more so in pollination and balancing of the ecosystem. Whether you are for it or against it, this article here is meant to enlighten you more on how you can keep the bee situation under control by putting in place right bee removal South Florida measures.

Most of us have had the misfortune of having to deal with bees at their worst, that is, when they are agitated and thus want to do harm. What we do not know though, is that bees are generally calm and contained when in their own natural habitat. The problem comes in the wake of rapid urbanization that has seen the encroachment of houses into these habitats and along the migration routes that are used by bees as they divide their colonies and go to form others. This is an annual cycle. Now in that period of migrating, that is when you will notice large swarms of bees buzzing past you into destinations that you do not really know. As they move around, the bees will at most times be on the offense and will not take any disturbance kindly and thus will want to sting both as a protective measure and also as a way of intimidating people so that they can make a way for them as they zoom past. This process should not give you any reason to worry provided you keep a safe distance and ensure that all your loved ones do the same. The bees will eventually just leave.

But there are situations whereby the bees do not zoom past and thus decide to settle in your home and make a new hive there. The bees according to bee removal South Florida specialists, will aim for any low lying hollow tree stump or any possible crack in your wall and in other extreme cases, they will go into your chimney or attic and make a home there for themselves.  You will need to be keen about this so that it may help you in the process of removing the bees later on.

The method chosen for use in bee removal South Florida will always depend on the species of bees that have made a home in your home. In this article, however, we shall focus on extermination as a method of bee removal.  Extermination refers to the act of getting rid of bees by killing through the use of chemicals. Previously, however, there used to be people who would exterminate bees by smoking them out of their hives at night. This method has proved to be futile as the bees keep coming back every now and then. The risks also involved lighting up a flame in critical areas of the house such as the attic also contributed to the decline if this method of extermination.

Nowadays, the only method of extermination that is used by beekeepers in bee removal South Florida is the use of chemicals. These chemicals can be bought at the local pest store. You need not worry about how the chemical is used, all this information is provided for in the packaging and also the pest store attendant is obliged to give you guidelines on how the chemical is to be used.  Once you have purchased the chemical, you will need to get yourself some form of protective clothing before embarking on the actual spraying. This is necessary so that you do not fall victim to any resistance that the bees my put up in order to push you away from their hive.

Just like bee relocation, bee removal south Florida experts advice that you should spray the bees late in the evening when they show minimal activity. The method of spraying will have to be planned beforehand since a one-day spraying will not guarantee that the bees will be gotten rid of. Usually, when you spray for the first time, only the guard bees and a few worker bees are sure to fall victim of the pesticide and thus leaving behind several other worker bees and pupa that is yet to fertilize. This means that in about a week, you will, have the bee population in that hive almost doubling once more. This should however not despair you as the beehive can be sprayed at the interval of every four to five days until all the bees have been rid off in the hive. Patience is key here and thus you will need to bid your time on the bees before you finally free yourself from the mess that they have caused in your home.

Once the bees have been taken care of, the next thing that you will need to do is get rid of the hive and the honeycombs. A lot of people get tempted to scoop the honey that is left behind in the hive but a word of advice from bee removal Ft Myers experts is that you should not dare do this since the honey is in most cases contaminated with the very chemicals that were used to exterminate the bees. The beehive will need to be disposed of in a manner that does not allow other insects or other bees to get access to it. The most advisable way of getting rid of it is by burning. You do not need to worry about that being legal, it perfectly is. Go back to where the hive was situated and also doing a thorough clean up that will clear all possible traces of bees having ever been on your property. This helps, in the long run, to deter other bees from settling there.


We hope that with the information that we have provided you in this article, you will be more knowledgeable on how to exterminate bees and clear all possible traces that could lead to other bees coming and settling once again.


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