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Bee Removal

Bee Removal Ft Myers – professional advice on bee removal

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When we build our homes, it is our expectation that these homes will serve as a haven of peace for us whereby we come to wind off after a long tiresome day at work. But what happens when this peace is robbed by the presence of bees that decide to cause chaos and harm to people? It is time then to call in bee removal Ft Myers experts to help you deal with the situation.

A lot of people may think of this as a laughing matter simply because they have never been faced with a bee problem and most likely they are wondering what kind if menace relay can bees cause. Well, just so you know, bees can be very beneficial while at the same time very destructive. Honey bees are generally beneficial in that they make honey which most of us gladly consume without ever wondering how they do make it. Secondly, honey bees are important in pollination. When honeybees move from flower to flower in search of nectar, they happen to carry with them pollen grains and thus help to pollinate the plants and in the end, it is us human beings and other animals that benefit from the resultant plants. In a way, this simply means that bees are important in helping maintain the ecological system.

Bees, however, can be destructive if their activity is not checked and if they are near residential areas. Bees make hives in our gardens, attics, and chimney and these could be detrimental to the stability of our structures. For hive built in wall cracks, it is known that they have led to the collapse of those walls when not repaired in good time. So what can be done to remedy this bee situation?

Bees need to be handled in a humane manner, more so if it is the honey bees which are now endangered and thus have been classified as protected by the government. This means that you will need to use a method that does not involve killing them no matter what kind of nuisance it is that they may have caused to you in your home. Bee removal Ft Myers experts suggest the use of relocation as a tool for dealing with the honey bees. They advise that for you to get rid of honey bees should they have made a hive in your home which is posing a risk to your safety and other members of your household, then you should call in a local beekeeper to help you relocate the bees to a safer place.

This task of relocating the bees is a tough one and anyone who has engaged in it will gladly second me in it.  Relocation of a beehive requires that the bees be sucked out of their hive using a special type of vacuum and then stored in it while awaiting the actual relocation. This is a task that could take up a whole day to achieve since bees keep moving in and out of the hive. In relocation, the best advice is to ensure as many bees as possible get into the vacuum in order to avert any other probable invasions in the future.

Bee removal Ft Myers specialists give the procedure of relocating bees in some simple steps that we shall discuss in this article. Step one is to identify the location of the beehive. This may take some time especially if you are an amateur. But this should not worry you since there is no age restriction when it comes to matters handling bees. You will need to follow up on the movement of the bees in order to locate the hive especially if it is located in your attic or chimney which could be hard to find or realize not unless the bee infestation blows out of proportion.

The next step after identifying the hive is to look for a local beekeeper to assist you in this procedure. A local beekeeper will let you know if he would be willing to relocate the bees to his or her farm or if he does not have the necessary capacity, then she or she may refer you to another local beekeeper that will help you relocate the bees.

After the local beekeeper has been identified, the next thing is to ensure that all the necessary equipment for the removal of the bees are available. This will include masks, a protective overall jacket, gumboots and heavy gloves that the bees cannot sting through. With all these in check and a temporary beehive on standby, the process of bee removal Ft Myers can now begin. The timing will, however, need to be right and that is mostly suggested to be late evening when the bees do not engage in a lot of activity and are resting in the hive. Be careful though since the guard bees are always on standby to attack anyone and anything that they deem to be foreign to their environment.

The bee removal procedure once it has been undertaken, the bees can now be safely relocated to another area that is safe for their stay and also where there is no imminent threat to the welfare of those that are living around the area. The next step thus is to clean up after the local beekeeper in order to ensure that no other swarm takes over the beehive nice it is left empty. This will mean that all the remains be removed from the hive and washed with warm water or even a suitable pesticide before being disposed of preferably by burning or by burying the honeycombs. The final step of bee removal Ft Myers procedure will entail the repair of any damaged structures such as cracked walls or sank ceilings and attics that may have been caused by the weight of the hive.

Bee removal as we have seen is something that is achievable provided the right tools are utilized and the right procedure is followed to the very end.


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