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Iguana Removal


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Iguana control Fort Lauderdale has risen rapidly to be one among the most sought after services in the state of Florida. This is because of the sudden rise in number wild iguanas that have resulted to invading people’s homes and gardens. These reptiles are the cause of great and untold havoc and damages to the landscaping in our homes. Iguanas happen to be attracted to Florida due to the warm tropical climate that supports rich vegetative growth that provides feed for the iguanas. The warm weather is also favorable to their exotic skins.

The rise in complaints by home owners has led to the need to have professional iguana control Fort Lauderdale firms that can best help to remedy this situation and thus help home owners have peace of mind. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are one such company and our aim is to provide the best iguana removal services in Florida.

Iguana Trap

Trapping of iguanas is the most preferred method of iguana control Fort Lauderdale and also one of the most effective. Trapping of iguanas requires that the trapper have prior knowledge on the use of traps and trapping methods. This will help to avoid instances whereby injuries are recorded and it also helps to ensure that the best results are achieved. Iguana traps exist in plenty in the market and it is, therefore, an added advantage if the trapper happens to have prior knowledge about traps that are available in the market. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have been involved in the iguana control Fort Lauderdale business for a vast period of time and in this period we have noted that the Havarhat Traps are the most efficient traps to use. These traps when put into the correct use can help a trapper achieve results like never before. The Havarhat traps are also the safest to use and the safety of the trapper is guaranteed when using them.

In iguana control Fort Lauderdale, the trapper needs to place the traps in the most strategic position in order to capture the iguanas as they make their movements. The most commonly used paths by the iguanas are the best places for you to place the traps as the iguanas will want to use them over and over again. Once trapped, the trapper now has to take full responsibility of the iguanas as is mandated by the law. The trapped iguana cannot be released back into the environment and the trapper has to decide on whether to keep it, give it to someone who wants to do so or euthanize it. The only legally allowed method of euthanizing an iguana in Florida is by placing the iguana in a deep freezer.

Iguana Bait

The trapping of iguanas though stated as being an effective method of controlling the reptiles, it can be made more efficient through the use of rightly chosen iguana bait. Iguana control Fort Lauderdale using trapping method is majorly dependent on the use of the right bait. Many people may not know how to pick out the right bait for use but as a professional iguana control Fort Lauderdale Company, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers will advise you on the best type of bait to use in your iguana traps. Iguanas are known to be herbivorous reptiles and thus they entirely feed on plants, this, therefore, means that the use of any animal matter as a bait is bound to fail miserably. There are other iguana removal companies out there that have misled many people by stating that iguana bait can be set using animal matter, this is false.

Despite the fact that the iguanas are herbivorous, it is important to note that it is not all types of plants or vegetative matter that will act as good bait in trapping the iguanas. This now brings about the importance of knowing that iguanas love fruits and thus are easily attracted to fruit based baits. Fruits due to their sweet scent and bright colors act as a major attractor for iguanas which go for them and in the process get trapped in the already set traps. The piece of mango or banana to be used needs to be freshly cut and placed in the trap while still in its succulent state. This will enable you to have a better chance of trapping the iguana. Once used in a trap, whether successfully or not, the bait should not be re used in another trap.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in the Garden

Iguanas will make a home in your garden because of feeding purposes, these herbivorous reptiles always want to be in an environment where their feeding demands are met satisfactorily. In iguana control Fort Lauderdale, it is important to rid your garden of any iguanas if you are to successfully avoid infestation of your home by iguanas. These reptiles are known to like our gardens if the garden has for them the right environment to live and nest in. Thus if the iguanas find your garden to be comfortable for them, they will dig burrows in the ground for nesting purposes.  Getting rid of iguanas in your garden is not an impossible activity as many other iguana removal companies may want to term it. In fact, getting rid of iguanas can be achieved without even the intervention of a professional iguana control Fort Lauderdale firm. At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have for years advised our clients on the use of various methods which when put to use well have helped many get rid of iguanas on their gardens. These methods are;

  1. Habitat modification

Any home owner who intends to get rid of iguanas on his or her garden needs to invest some time in modifying the habitat of the iguanas on the garden and these can be done by filling of the burrows when iguanas are away. This will make the iguanas feel insecure and thus seek to leave the premises.

  1. Use of traps

Traps have for long been the most convenient method of getting rid of iguanas. One needs to get a good trap and place it strategically on the paths used by the iguanas.

  1. Exclusion methods

Exclusion methods involve all those procedures that will ensure that the iguana has no access to feed. This can be done by not feeding the creatures once sighted and also by planting iguana repellent plants such as Milkweed and citrus in your garden.


How to Catch a Wild Iguana

A wild iguana is one that exists in its natural environment and unlike a domesticated iguana, it does not depend on human beings for its feed.  Wild iguanas exist in plenty here in Florida and this is because they are released by their previous owners into the wild where they multiply rapidly. Any iguana that invades your home or garden should be treated as a wild iguana. One should not assume that because the iguanas were once tamed they cannot cause any harm, they can and one needs to be extra cautious when around them. Iguana control Fort Lauderdale is necessitated by the presence of wild iguanas that invade homes from time to time. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are an expert iguana control company that will guide you on the correct way of catching a wild iguana without causing injury to yourself or even the animal. A wild iguana can be captured through two main methods;

  1. Use of traps;

Traps have for the longest time been the safest and most convenient way of catching and handling wild iguanas while ensuring that your safety is guaranteed.  A rightly set trap should enable the trapper to catch a wild iguana within a day.

  1. Use of bare hands;

Another way of catching wild iguanas is the use of bare hands. One needs to approach the iguana from the back stealthily until they reach where it is, hold it firmly by the back of the neck and the tail. You will need to hold it firmly as it is bound to try and break free once it realizes that it has been caught. Ensure that before you do this you wear a heavy pair of gloves to protect you from any scratches and bites by the iguana.

Iguana Removal near Me

Iguana control Fort Lauderdale as said earlier now ranks among the most sought after services. The importance of this having been brought about by the increase in the number of garden and home invasions by iguanas. Home owners need to know where it is that they can access iguana removal service near them should the situation happen to be one that is too complex to be handled using homemade remedies.  The need to have iguana control services has seen the rise of many iguana removal companies all over Florida and therefore as home owner seeking these services it is important that you take the time to scrutinize the profile of a company.  Catchy and misleading advertisements are a common scenario in these instances where each company is trying to beat the next with regards to who has the most number of customers.

A good iguana control Fort Lauderdale Company is that which guarantees you convenience in the acquisition of its services. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers pride ourselves as the best iguana removal company in the whole region of Fort Lauderdale and thus best suited to serve all your iguana removal needs. We have a team of experts that not only removes the iguanas for you from your home but also disinfects it against any possible spread of diseases. We also have a 24-hour response team that is always on standby should you be in need of emergency iguana removal service for example in the case of an attack by a feral iguana.

Iguana Repellent

A lot of debate exists as to the effectiveness of the use of iguana repellents which according to manufacturers it is meant to help you deter iguanas from making their way into your garden. Many of the iguana repellents in the market are made of garlic and habanera pepper with lime juice added to the solution. Homemade remedies add dish soap to the solution to make it better. Although many arguments do continue to rise up as to the effectiveness of these repellents, they still are being made and they are still being sold in many shops around town.

Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we do not advocate for the use of iguana repellents. The repellents are a good temporary way of dealing with iguanas but are quite not effective in the long run and you end up being faced with the same iguana problem that you had even before starting to use the repellents. This goes without mention that you will have incurred costs in the purchase of the said iguana repellent and probably also in the spraying of the repellent. The reason why we say that these repellents are ineffective is that many of them are washed away immediately it rains and thus the need to redo the spraying after each instance of rain falling. This can be a tedious and costly process. The best way to handle iguana problem in your home or garden is to apply the use of techniques that ensure no iguana makes its way into your home or garden. Another effective method would be to call in professional iguana control Fort Lauderdale experts like we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.


The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana removal company based in Florida. We have been in the iguana removal business for the past four yours and thus pride our self as having the best capacity to handle any iguana problem that may be faced by the residents of Fort Lauderdale and Florida at large. You can reach us through our telephones numbers on (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109, (877) 741-7703. Our offices are located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.


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