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Iguana Removal


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Boca Raton is a blessed town when it comes to its rich tropical climate that supports vegetation and provides the best living conditions for wildlife.  This has been the main attraction for many of the wild animals that we happen to see in our town. The most common of these has been the iguanas which have found our town to be a haven for their existence and thus they have made a habitation in our town in large numbers. Many people keep the iguanas at home as pets and they are loved because of their exotic skins and docile nature that sees them being regarded as harmless lizards that can be bred at home. But a sudden surge in their numbers has led to them being regarded as a nuisance and thus the need to have expert iguana removal Boca Raton services to help alleviate the residents of the iguanas’ disturbances.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

The best way to avoid the nuisance of iguanas is to ensure that the reptiles do not make their way into your yard or home. Being experienced in iguana removal Boca Raton, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers suggest the following methods to be used to achieve this.

  1. Use of exclusion techniques

The mention of exclusion here simply refers to the act of ensuring that the iguanas have no reason to set foot in your home or yard and this can be achieved by simple acts such as not feeding the iguanas whenever they come into your garden or home. Feeding them gives them a reason to return and therefore if you can avoid the temptation to do so, it will help to put them off and ensure that they are not interested in coming back to your yard or home.  The use of metal sheets to create barriers around your yard and also at the base of trees helps to keep the iguanas at bay.

  1. Habitat Modification

Habitat modification is another very effective way of keeping iguanas away from your yard. Clearing of thickets and bushes that could provide covering for them is a very effective tool when seeking to deal with iguanas. Filling of the iguana burrows will also help to modify the iguanas’ habitat and they will be forced to seek asylum elsewhere.

The above methods, when used in the right way, have been proven to be effective tools in iguana removal Boca Raton.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in Your Garden

Iguanas will be attracted to your garden for one sole reason which is looking for food, it is thus very important to deprive the iguanas any access to feed in your garden if you aim at getting rid of them. We at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers suggest the following iguana removal Boca Raton methods.

  1. Take care of all leftovers;

It is of prime importance that you clear away any leftover food from your garden if you are to succeed in getting rid of iguanas from your garden. The need becomes, even more, urgent if the leftover food is of vegetable or fruit nature, these two are major attractors of iguanas.

  1. Ensure your trash can is covered up;

Iguanas are known to climb up trash cans in search of food and it is thus important to ensure that your trash can is emptied regularly and is always covered at the top to prevent the iguanas from entering into them.

  1. Clear pet food away

If you happen to be the owner of other pet animals in your home, as a precaution against attracting iguanas it is good to clear away the mess left behind by your pets after they have had their feed as this also attracts the iguanas to your garden.

  1. Place barriers at the base of trees;

Use of metal sheets and wire mesh to cover the base of trees helps to ensure that iguanas do not have a chance to climb up the trees in your garden and create a breeding nest in them.

  1. Spray the iguanas with water

Spraying the iguanas with water is also an effective method that can be employed to get rid of the reptiles from your garden.  This will only require you to own a hose pipe which you can use to gush water at the reptiles.

Iguana Removal Cost

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are experts in iguana removal Boca Raton and have been proven to have the right and most in demand professional skills to handle all iguana removal Boca Raton problems. When seeking the right iguana removal Boca Raton services, it is best that you obtain quality for the money that you will pay for the services that will be dispensed to you.  Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, apart from just providing the most skillful and professional services to match all your needs in matters iguana removal, we also charge the most reasonable prices in the market and thus we are the best option for you.

The services that we offer here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are such that they ensure that the iguanas once located in your home, they are removed and relocated to another area so that there is no possibility of their return. Your home will also be thoroughly surveyed for any probable nesting ground and they will also be cleared. You need not worry about your health as our reliable team will ensure that your home is disinfected against any bacterial matter that may have found it s way into your home as a result of the iguana living in it. Any other follow up activities on the iguana situation is totally catered for in the price quotations that we give here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.

Iguana Removal Services Near Me

If you are a resident of Boca Raton, you need not worry about how and where to obtain iguana removal Boca Raton services as we here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have your back. Iguanas have for long been the source of unwanted disturbances in our homes not to talk about the extensive damage that these reptiles cause to our landscaping when they decide on devouring our carefully tended vegetation in our gardens and lawns. The iguanas are attracted to Boca Raton as a result of its rich tropical climatic conditions that support the growth of vegetation that serves as food for these herbivorous reptiles. The iguanas if not checked usually end up becoming the source of great havoc to the vegetation in our gardens and lawns.

When looking for an iguana removal Boca Raton service, it is advisable to look extensively into their professional profile which will enable you to gauge their level of expertise when it comes to offering iguana removal services. This will serve to help you not fall for catchy advertisements that are nothing but a cover up of the shoddy work done by the companies. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we pride ourselves as the best iguana removal company in the entire area of Boca Raton and it is thus important that anyone who seeks professional iguana removal services contacts us.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have four years experience in the field of iguana removal and thus are best placed to serve all your iguana removal needs. Our services are matched by none other in the market and our affordable pricing makes us the best iguana removal company that you need to count on to solve your iguana problem. Give us a call today on any of the following contact numbers (877) 741-7703, (877) 741-7703 or (561) 508-3109. You can also visit our offices located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

Iguana Trap

The most effective way of controlling the nuisance caused by iguanas is the use of traps to get hold of these reptiles, here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we advise our clients to use traps when seeking to control iguanas. Our vast experience in iguana removal Boca Raton has proven that use of snare traps and cages works best when one seeks to trap iguanas and to relocate them from one location to another. Before embarking on any iguana removal Boca Rotan on your own, it is important to understand that the law in Florida demands that once an iguana has been trapped, it cannot be released back into the same environment.  Therefore it is good to have a clear destination in mind of where you are going to relocate the iguana to after capturing it.

Many people go for the snare trap because of their ease of setting up and their undoubted effectiveness if put into the appropriate use. Before setting up a snare trap, it is important however to know the size of the iguana to be trapped in order to have the trap work the best way for you. The size of the trap should be considered because the use of the wrong trap size may lead to the reptile being released before the trapper gets to where it had been caught.

The cages are another alternative to the snare traps but they need to be placed on the paths that are used by the iguanas in their movements. When placed correctly, the cages will provide some very excellent results in capturing the iguanas.

Caution needs to be taken when handling a trapped iguana as in its frustration and agitation it may bite. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we advise that one puts on gloves as a protective measure against bites caused by agitated iguanas.

Iguana Bait

The use of a trap in capturing iguanas also demands the use of a good and appropriate bait to attract the iguana into the trap or cage in order to be captured. The bait needs to be such that it cannot deter the iguana from going into the cage or moving towards the trap. Iguanas are known to be herbivores by nature, the best iguana bait needs to be one that is of plant nature. But even when looking into plants that can be used by trappers in setting up bait for iguanas, it is important to note that not just any plant can be used as a bait for iguanas. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers being highly experienced in iguana removal Boca Raton advice that one use fruits as bait, particularly mangoes and bananas. The sweet scent of these fruits acts as strong bait for the iguanas and they are known not to resist the scent of bananas and mangoes. Their bright color also serves well to attract the iguanas towards the trap or cage.

The bait to be used, be it a mango or banana, it is important that it be put to use when still in its succulent state. Use of the fruits as bait long after they have lost their succulent state does not work well in attracting the iguanas. Scattering some peels of the fruits around the trap or cage also helps to entice the iguana towards them. The trapper will also have to consider the position of the baited trap or cage. Placing the cage or trap in the wrong position will only serve to be a disappointment, it is rare for iguanas to walk away from their commonly used routes for safety precautions. One needs to know the paths used by the iguanas and place the baited trap optimally along that way so that it can work as expected.

Our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a very reputable firm when it comes to iguana removal Boca Raton services. It is advisable to that should you be faced with any iguana problem in your home to give us a call and we shall handle the situation for you professionally.

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