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Iguana Removal


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The beauty of Palm Beach that had once been praised is fading away fast before our eyes due to the presence of wild iguanas in the town that have caused untold havoc to our home and gardens. These iguanas though not native to Florida, got their entry to the state through the pet trade that existed between the US and South American countries. These iguanas found the warm tropical climate of Florida to be very favorable to them and thus they have stayed and continued to grow in numbers. Once adored for their docile nature and exotic skins, these days the iguanas have become a nuisance that requires the intervention of a professional iguana control Palm Beach firm to help manage them.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a professional iguana control Palm Beach firm that is committed to the eradication of the iguana invasion problem in the homes of the residents of Palm Beach.

Iguana Removal Services Near Me

With the ever increasing nuisance of having iguanas invading their homes and causing damage to vegetation in the garden and landscaping, many residents of Palm Beach have enquired about the availability of iguana control Palm Beach services to help remedy the situation. This need once noted has led to the cropping up of many iguana removal companies in and around the Palm Beach area all purporting to be the best in iguana removal. It is good to know that there may be a lot of nuisance animal removal companies within your vicinity but this does not necessarily mean that these companies have the right capacity to handle an iguana infestation problem that you may be faced with at home. One needs to scrutinize the capacity of a company and gauge its ability to handle an iguana situation in the most professional manner possible.

Iguana control Palm Beach services are best offered by a company that has the experience and professional capacity to deal with the iguana infestation problem. Our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, is ranked among as the best company in this field and thus we are the number one go to company for anyone that may be faced with a seemingly problematic iguana infestation situation at their home. We have a qualified workforce that is made up of proficient nuisance wild animal experts who execute their service in the most professional way possible to ensure that your iguana problem is dealt with. We assure you that hiring our iguana removal experts will guarantee you the peace of mind that you need after a long period of being faced with challenges due to these nuisance reptiles invading your home or garden.

Iguana Trap

Iguana control Palm Beach is a process which is done successfully through the use of trapping methods. As a professional iguana control Palm Beach firm we can attest to the effectiveness of these traps in enabling you to control the iguana menace in your home or garden. Trapping has always been the preferred method for people whenever they are faced with a nuisance animal problem and it is therefore important that we advise our clients on the right purchase and use of these traps in order to get the best results as they look for ways to control the iguana problem that is facing them. Qualities of a good trap are its reliability, ease of set up and suitability. The trap needs to be such that it can be relied upon to work even in the most adverse conditions such as strong winds and thus it should not snap because strong winds are blowing. The trap also needs to be such that it can easily be set up and dismantled when need be, the trap should also suit the animal for which it is going to be used. Having a trap that is too big or too small could hamper your chances of nabbing that problematic animal on your property.

In our tenure as a professional iguana control Palm Beach, we have noted that the best types of traps to use are the Havarhat traps which we as a company have also put to use and can attest to their efficiency in the trapping of iguanas at home. The traps are easy to set up and come in different sizes to suit your needs for capturing differently sized iguanas.

Iguana Bait

With the use of traps in iguana control Palm Beach procedures, it is important that the traps be put to use when coupled up with the right choice of a bait as this will help to boost the chances of the traps being able to capture the iguanas.  The choice of iguana bait has been the topic of much discussion in and around many of the circles of animal removal firms. This is because we have those firms that argue that the iguanas are entirely herbivorous while others argue that the iguanas are carnivorous and can also feed on animal matter. As a professional iguana control Palm Beach Company that has experience in the field, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers ask our esteemed clients to ignore the suggestions that iguanas may be carnivorous. We state to you with confidence that the iguanas are entirely herbivorous and thus any bait to be used needs to be a plant based bait.

With the knowledge that the iguanas are herbivorous, it is also important to note that they do not just feed on any type of vegetation and therefore they show a certain level of preference for certain plants than others. In most times when the iguanas are already fed, they will not be interested in just any type of plant matter. It is in these situations it has been noted that bananas and mangoes due to their sweet scent and bright color cannot be resisted by the iguanas and thus will always be attracted to them. These two fruits are the best for use as baits in an iguana trap. Cut a piece of either of these two fruits and place them in the iguana trap while still in their succulent state in order to achieve the best results.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in Your Garden

Iguana control Palm Beach experts will tell you that the iguanas that you see in your garden are there strictly because of feeding purposes. If iguanas find your garden to be favorable and comfortable for their stay do not expect that it will be easy to get them to leave it. In no time at all the iguanas will create burrows in which they will lay eggs and have nesting grounds, their population will increase and before you even know it you will be faced with a very serious iguana problem just because you ignored an early sign. So the question here is what is the best way to deal with iguanas in your garden? Simple, get the iguanas to leave immediately they access your garden.

In our iguana control Palm Beach experience, we have noted that iguanas once deprived of feed in a certain environment; they will want to relocate to another environment that has for them the promise of better feed and safety. This can easily be achieved through the restricting of access of these iguanas to your garden. Use wire mesh to cover off garden areas and prevent the iguanas from accessing the vegetation in it.  The same can also be achieved by including in your garden, plants that easily repel iguanas away such as the milkweed and citrus. Iguanas on sensing the presence of these plants will want to look for a place that provides better feed for them.

Ensure that you clear away all pet food after feeding your pet if you have one at home, iguanas will most likely feed on any pet food that has a vegetative matter in them. The same also goes for human food leftovers, they need to be cleared away and not left on kitchen sinks and counters as they will provide feed for the iguanas.

Iguana Removal Cost

Iguana control Palm Beach like we have said earlier is a process that can prove difficult for some home owners and thus they will need the intervention of professional iguana control Palm Beach firms that can help them get rid of the situation without much trouble. Recently with the entry of so many firms in the iguana removal industry here in Palm Beach, the quality of services being provided has been compromised in comparison to the prices that are being charged for the same. This is because of many firms out there are just after making profits by benefitting themselves through the desperation of home owners who seek their services when the iguanas have caused a lot of havoc in their homes.

As a professional iguana removal company that is based here in Florida, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have endeavored in our four-year experience to provide our clients with the most cost effective services at the most affordable prices. What we are committed to as a company is the quest to see our customers obtain the value for their money and at the same time ensure that the iguana problem that had caused them so much trouble is well taken care of. The price that we charge as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers caters for the removal costs of the iguanas, their euthanization and the disinfecting of your home against the spread of salmonella which is found in iguana fecal matter. We also offer to do repairs to any damaged structures such as burrowed seawalls in your home.

How to Catch a Wild Iguana

The term wild iguana refers to an iguana whose responsibility has not been obliged to any particular individual as is the case with tamed iguanas which are catered for by their owners. Wild iguanas are the ones that attack our gardens often because they have to fend for themselves and thus the reason why they feed on the vegetation in our gardens. Some of the wild iguanas that are in existence in Florida are those iguanas that had previously been domesticated but were freed by their owners when they could not keep up with their feeding demands. Some are those that escaped from under the watch of their owners and ventured out into the natural environment. It is important that these iguanas be handled with extra caution as they can cause a lot of harm to the handlers when agitated. Assuming that an iguana will remain docile because it was once domesticated is one of the biggest lies you could tell yourself. These iguanas become toughened by the conditions in the wild and thus turn feral and can inflict injury to people.

This fact should however not deter you from catching a wild iguana immediately you notice its presence in your environment. A wild iguana can be caught by two main methods.

  1. Use of bare hands

This method is the easiest ever and the advantage of it is that it can be employed immediately the animal has been sighted and thus help to get rid of it from your home or garden before it becomes too comfortable. You will need to wear a heavy pair of gloves and approach the iguana from the back then hold it firmly by its tail and back of the neck.

  1. Use of traps

Traps can be set up in areas where wild iguanas have been spotted and then checked frequently to see if any iguana has been caught by them. Use of a baited trap is very effective.

At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, our aim is to help our clients be able to overcome the iguana problem that they might be faced with. Reach out to us today to access our services.

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