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Quality services for Raccoon Control Gulf Stream

By April 29, 2018No Comments

Raccoon control Gulf Stream is an essential service to many of the residents of this area nowadays. The reason for this is the increased number of infestations by these rodents that have made a home in most of the human dwellings and thus causing menace that leaves many of the homes and business areas in an ugly state. There are many ways that can be searched online on how to get rid of raccoons in any human settling but all these methods need one to have some additional skill and prior knowledge if they are to be effective. In this article, we look at some of these methods that you can apply to help you handle any raccoon problem that you may be faced with.

Raccoons come to our homes in search of food and water. This is the single most prominent reason as to why they hurdle through various obstacles in search of a path into our home. Once you understand this basic concept, it will be much easier to deal with raccoons as you will know exactly what you need to watch out for when looking for a way to deal with them. Raccoons may be enticed by the smell of food in your garbage can inside your house. In this instance, one thing to understand is that the raccoon is not here to stay, it will most likely want to leave just as much as you want it to. Here, the best raccoon control Gulf Stream method that you can apply is by simply opening the doors and windows to your home and gently persuading the raccoon to move out. It may take some time, but once the raccoon has spotted some humans and it has no place to hide in, it will want to move out using the first exit point that it spots.

Raccoons can at times move to more delicate places in the house such as the chimney or the attic. In this case, you will need more specialized methods of eliminating the raccoon in question. Raccoon control Gulf Stream experts advice on the use of two methods should a raccoon be found in your chimney or your attic. The first method is gentle and will take time to achieve results, this is the use of a light bulb to make the raccoon uncomfortable. The light bulb fools the raccoon into believing that it is exposed and in such as situation, the raccoon will seek a way out of the chimney or attic to another more secure place. The only misgiving about this method is that the raccoon my chew on the wires that are connected to the light bulb and thus the light bulb may fail to work. This method can further be enhanced by the use of a speaker installed in the attic or chimney. Playing loud music will disturb the peace that the raccoons have embraced and thus they will want to move out of the attic or chimney and into another area. Just like the use of light bulbs, this method can also be hampered by the raccoons chewing on the wires connected to the speakers.

The other method that is fronted by raccoon control Gulf Stream experts is the use of traps to capture the raccoons, one by one and then relocating them to other areas. Raccoon traps can be bought from any animal store near you. Make sure to research online on which is the best type of trap to use in order to achieve the best results as you aim to trap the raccoons. From my experience in the nuisance animal trapping field, the best type of traps is those that accommodate the entire body of the raccoon inside the trap and do not have complex methods of setting up. The animal store attendant should help you in case you have any difficulties in setting up the raccoon trap. In other instances, the attendant may even set the trap for you while you watch and then when you get home it is easy for you to just repeat the same procedure without encountering any challenges whatsoever. The guidebook that accompanies the trap at the time of purchase should also not be ignored.

Once you have bought your trap and are ready to set it up, one thing will be very crucial as to whether your trapping endeavors will be successful, that is the use of the right bait. Failure to use an appropriate bait will mean that your trap will not be enticing to raccoons and thus may yield disappointing results. In order to bait a raccoon, you need to look for a freshly cut piece of fruit such as an apple. This has a strong scent that will entice the raccoon into going into the trap. Another option for you would be the use of a piece of meat. The raccoon enters the trap looking to get to the bait and the trap door closes immediately behind it. This method helps you to reduce the number of the raccoons, one by one and is sure to yield good results for you if given enough time. Once you have trapped the raccoon, the next course of action needs to be the relocation to another area. It is advisable that before you choose to relocate a raccoon by yourself, you seek advice from the local animal department and nuisance animal removal experts. This helps you avoid running into any legal challenges should there be restrictions as to how raccoons can be relocated in an area. Should you find there is none, then relocate the raccoon at least five miles from the point of capture. Relocating the raccoon to someplace nearby only serves to make it determined to make a return to its habitat from which it was captured.

Raccoons need to be a nuisance anymore if the above-suggested raccoon control Gulf Stream methods are implemented with the right amount of precision and patience. Should you encounter any challenges, then it is advisable to call in raccoon removal experts to assist you.


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