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Iguana Removal


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Iguanas are exotic-skinned lizards that originated from South America. These reptiles found their way into the USA through the shortly lived pet trade that existed between the US and South American countries about two centuries ago. Though not native to Florida, the reptiles have found a home in the state due to its rich tropical climate that supports a lot of vegetative growth. The iguanas are natural herbivores with a huge feeding demand.  Iguanas are adorable but despite this adorability that has captured the hearts of many pet lovers, it is good to take into account the fact that these reptiles when left unattended to, can be the cause of great damage to our landscaping.

Many home owners have raised concern about the invasion of iguanas into their gardens, this has brought about the need to have a professional iguana removal firm that charges affordable iguana removal cost. The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is one such company that is found here in Florida.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

Iguanas are reptiles that have become a great source of nuisance to many home owners who complain of the vegetation in their gardens being fed on. The iguanas also are a cause of damage to landscaping through burrows that they make in building structures. These burrows cost a lot to repair and therefore it is better for many home owners to incur iguana removal cost rather than incur the repair costs to their building structures.

But there are instances whereby home owners can remedy the iguana problem at home without calling in a professional iguana removal company and thus saving on the iguana removal cost that they would have incurred. Even with the idea of saving money in mind, it is important that the advice you get be from a reputable iguana removal company such as we the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. There are many companies that will advise you on different iguana removal methods and ways of keeping them off your garden and away from your home. But before trying out any method that is suggested it is important that you understand the nature of your iguana problem and thus be able to deal with it from the root cause and not just at the superficial layer of it.  Iguanas are attracted to areas with a lot of vegetation for one sole reason which is to look for feed. With this in mind, we suggest the following methods to keep iguanas away;

  1. Trim your garden; iguanas love areas with vegetation that can help them camouflage in, therefore trimming your garden on a regular basis will ensure that iguanas do not prefer staying in your garden.
  2. Pick any dropped fruits; iguanas have a sweet tooth and will thus be attracted to a place that has a lot of fruits available for them. To avoid this problem, pick any dropped fruits on your garden immediately on spotting them.




Iguana Trap

In our service as an iguana removal company, we have noted that many home owners when faced with iguana invasion they will try as much as possible to avoid incurring any iguana removal cost. In this regard, many home owners will opt for the use of trapping methods in order to control or get rid of iguanas from their home and garden. As the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we like to ensure that our esteemed clients use the appropriate trapping methods when looking to trap iguanas and thus be able to avoid injuries and any additional iguana removal cost that may not have been foreseen. We have been engaged in the iguana removal business for four years now and during our tenure in the industry, we have come to pick out the Havarhat Traps as the best model of iguana traps to use in trapping these nuisance reptiles.

The Havarhat traps are among the most affordable traps available in the market currently and they come with good illustration guides that help the trappers that intend to use them be able to achieve the most desirable results. The traps are also the safest to use because they do not come with bare snares that may snap the trappers when using them. This is an advantage that ensures that even the most amateur of trappers or home owners can use the traps without causing themselves any harm. The Havarhat traps have also been made to the right specifications that ensure the welfare of the iguana to be trapped is catered for. Animal rights lobby groups around Florida have approved the use of the Havarhat traps to trap iguanas in our gardens and homes. Try the use of this traps should you be looking to trap any nuisance iguanas in your garden and home.

Iguana Control

Iguana control refers to all the procedures and methods that a home owner can employ to ensure that iguanas are not a problem in his or her home and thus be able to keep these reptiles from causing damage to their garden and homes. Iguana control enables the home owners to reduce the iguana removal cost that might be incurred in the event that they become faced with a real iguana infestation problem. We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have for many years advised our clients on the use of several iguana control methods that we have seen work. These methods if put to use in the most appropriate methods, they can help you avoid incurring high iguana removal cost.

  1. Habitat Modification

Habitat modification, in this case, refers to any procedure that will make the iguana feel uncomfortable settling in your home or garden. The habitat modification can be achieved through various methods such as; the filling up of any burrows that have been dug by the iguanas, planting of iguana repellent plants such as milkweed in our gardens and also through the use of predators such as hawks to feed on the iguanas.

  1. Exclusion Methods

Exclusion methods in this regard refer to any method that can be used to deter the iguana from believing that there is feed for it on the garden or in your home. This can be achieved by not providing the iguanas with any feed whenever they set foot into your garden. Clearing of leftovers and any pet food also helps to make the iguanas believe that the environment they are in does not have enough feed to help them survive.

How to Catch an Iguana in the House

Iguanas if they happen to make their way into our home can be the cause of great terror to our little ones and even to adults in other instances whereby the iguana is really big, let’s say about two feet long. It is important that immediately an iguana makes its way into your home you find away to remove it as soon as possible. Failure to do this will result in the iguana nesting in your home and in no time you might end up having a serious iguana infestation problem that will result in you paying huge iguana removal cost. But this iguana removal cost cannot be compared to those that you may have to pay for repairs to your home should the iguanas happen to damage your landscaping through burrowing.

So how do you catch an iguana in the house? That is the big question in many people’s minds. We as experts in iguana removal in Florida, we can tell you that catching an iguana is really a simple task so long as you ensure that you do not freak out. You will need to wear a heavy pair of gloves and have a standby cage in waiting to place the iguana in after you have caught it. Wear the gloves and approach the iguana from behind, walk stealthily towards it and hold it by the tail and the back of its tail. You will need to hold firm as the iguana will most definitely try to break free. Open the waiting cage or box and place the iguana in it. Once this is done you will need to call us, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help you relocate the iguana to another area where it will not be the cause of nuisance. This is a legal requirement for anyone that traps an iguana in Florida.

Iguana Bait

We have talked about the need to know a bit about iguana trapping in order to avoid incurring iguana removal cost in instances where it is unnecessary. Iguanas are best trapped with the use of a baited trap. We know that many of our clients may be faced with the challenge of deciding on which type of bait to use in trapping iguanas at home or in their gardens. The first thing one needs to know is that iguanas are herbivores by nature and thus you need to use a plant based bait if the results are to be satisfactory. But even with this is in mind, know that it is not all plants that will work as a good bait for the iguana more so when it has eaten to its full. This brings about the importance of our discovery that iguanas love fruits like we had told you earlier in this article. Fruits due to their sweet smelling scent and bright colors help to attract iguanas easily and thus are the best to use as baits. For iguanas, specifically, use bananas and mangoes. Placing a piece of freshly cut mango or banana is known to work wonders when trapping iguanas.

Caution should be taken to ensure that the bait being used in a trap today is not the same being used in the same trap tomorrow especially if the trap managed to catch an iguana. This is because other iguanas, if they smell the scent of other iguanas on the bait, will not want to feed on it for fear of repulsion and also they may sense the danger that surrounds them.


Iguana Removal Cost

On several occasions in this article, we have mentioned about the need to avoid or reduce the possibility of incurring iguana removal cost. Here in this section we specifically focus on the real cost of iguana removal in Florida. There exist many nuisance animal removal companies in and around Florida with each company posting that their services are the best. Other companies go a step further in creating a whole catalog of services that they offer in regards to nuisance animal removal. One thing to note if you are an individual in need of iguana removal services is that some of the companies lie about their capacity of handling certain wild animal invasions in our homes. Not all wild animal removal companies are suited to handle iguana removal and for the client, this knowledge may not be available and thus resulting in removal service that is not done satisfactorily.

Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have the best capacity to handle iguana invasion and infestation in your home and we are the best-ranked company in that field in the whole of Florida.  Iguana Removal Cost will depend on several factors such as the number of iguanas that have infested your home, the size of the iguana or iguanas in your home and garden, the species of the iguana that has made its home in your garden and also the extent of damage to your landscaping. Our services include the repair to any damaged part in your home and also the disinfecting of the home to prevent the possibility of the spread of diseases as a result of the iguanas.

The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a reputable iguana removal company with vast experience in the iguana removal field. We rank as the best company in the whole of Florida and we invite you to reach out to us whenever you are faced with an iguana invasion problem at your home.

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